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41 Takashi Kashikura - Toe, HIATUS

Known as a drummer of Japanese indies Post Rock band "Toe" and Japanese Rock Band "HIATUS"(with Takeshi Hosomi ex. ELLEGARDEN Vo. Gt )
His drumming is so powerful, skillful, and so extremely emotional. Takashi Kashikura is one of the bests.

Check out his drumming.

GoodBye - Toe

Come on now. Easily the best drummer in Japan now, bar-none.

42 Tadayoshi Okura - Kanjani Eight
43 Yuumi - FLiP

Yummi is a really great drummer.. She is very talented as a girl.. She can plays the drum like John Bonham (led Zeppelin).. You should hear her drum play. She have the passion as a great drummer..

44 Satoshi - DIV
45 Tohru - Moi Dix Mois

Great visual kei/Gothic drummer. - TD17

46 BOBO - Miyavi Crew
47 Satochi Takayasu - MUCC

SATOchi! Love the way he plays and entertains his fans! His drumming is powerful! Without him Mucc would not be Mucc which is definitely one of the Best bands of Japan!

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48 Shiho Yamanoha - Stereopony

Shiho has been playing the drums only since late in high school, but she can already masterfully play with double basses, and while some may not see as impressive plays whole songs with her eyes shut, it's just a cool little thing she does. She plays ridiculously fluidly and she has never made a mistake in her entire career of drumming that has at least been noticed. Whenever she goes into a song, she is 100% completely in the zone and just pounds away like that is HER home. Despite her fairly short time in what you would call the learning stages of playing an instrument, she has ever since her debut played like a master drummer who has had years of experience. That is the kind of power that Shiho brings to the table.

This girl's got a cool and collected attitude and she tears up and lets loose when she's on the drumset. She even uses double bass pedals and owns at it. Also she's sexy.

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49 Daishi - Esprit D'Air

Just listen to "The Hunter" and you will be blown away! Great drummer.

50 Naoki - Deathgaze
51 Takeshi - BUG
52 Joe - Hide With Spread Beaver
53 Tsukasa - D'espairsRay

Seriously come on. It distresses me that he is not already on this list. Have a listen and tell me he isn't one of the best drummers anywhere.

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54 Yuu - Matenrou Opera V 1 Comment
55 Satoshi Miyawaki - 44MAGNUM
56 Yamato - Uchuusentai NOIZ

Yamato-san1! He may not be as popular as the other drummers of Jrock bands out there. But trust me, he's one of the best!

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57 Tôru Kawamura - Crush 40
58 Tainaka Ritsu - Houkago Tea Time
59 Hiroki - D

I love his drum play

60 Mally - Exist Trace

Because she's the best female drummer who moves her head a lot when she drums

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