Shinya Terauchi - Dir en grey


Shinya is not only the best Japanese drummer, but also the best drummer in the world, in my opinion. There's so much more to him than just a fancy drum set, or his looks, so much more that easily surpasses Yoshiki. Shinya is technical, fast (when he needs to be), and breaks boundaries between himself and other drummers. He is one of the most creative, diverse, and flexible in terms of fills, beats, etc. In a nut shell, if anyone else can do it, Shinya can do it 100 times better than anyone ever could.

Shinya is definitely the back bone of Dir en grey. His playing is so complex and so full of meaning, and his drum kit just gets huger and huger every time I see them live. He said in an interview that he "uses every piece at some point", and that just shows that he's a very accomplished drummer, and definitely knows what he's doing. During lives you can see the intensity and passion in his playing, and the love he holds for drumming, which you don't really see in many drummers.

You almost can feel the passion by yourself which Shinya experience during the time he drums... he is quite, shy and passive.. but it seems that he's another person behind his instrument. I can feel his love to his instrument like it is his own best friend, whom he can tell all his sorrows and emotions with beats and rhythm... unique, fast, deep with emotions.. just amazing. To be honest: I cannot find the accurate words what I feel and see while he drums.. just fascinating.

Shinya is the Monk of the drums*He is incredible he humble but strong a beast when he drums*His percussion game is just simply Marvelous don't get me twisted*I admire the other greats such; as Yoshiki from X Japan and Yuki from Versailles any Uke from the Gazettes. Shinya style, his stamina and speed is incredible also to sexy*so it is hard to choose the best drummer when have so many great one. Shinya is my best. I love Monk Shinya.

He's not just an amazing drummer, he's much more. Also, the sound of his drums is just amazing and unique. It's amazing to see his thin silhouette behind the drums, and he can do any kind of rhythm PERFECTLY, from a slow like "INCONVENIENT IDEALS" to a fast like "DIFFERENT SENSE" or "Hageshisa to kono mune no naka de... "

He has always been an amazing drummer, ever since their early days. His drumming is just so complex but at the same time beautiful and seems to have a life of it's own.

Also, Shinya wouldn't be able to play the piano for 30 minutes because he isn't a piano player. And if he can play a whole live with his style of playing, of course he can play a 30 minute song like Art of Life.

Shinya has shown consistent skill and flair throughout the 14 years Dir en grey have been around. His ability to fill breaks and maintain rhythm in fast songs like "Reiketsu Nariseba" and slow tunes like "Ain't Afraid to Die" and "Zakuro" show talent. Also a fantastic composer (Hotarubi, Cage etc. )

Like what others have said, he may not be the fastest or the most aggressive but his drumming style feels "complete" in a broader sense. Thicker beats, more complex drumming skills, can play contemporary metal all the way to traditional Japanese beats, and just adds to DeG much more than other drummers add to their bands.

Not only is Shinya an amazing drummer, one of the best I've seen, he's also an extremely sweet person. He takes his amazing personality and puts it into his drumming, making him a drummer like no other. He's fast, he's emotional, and he's simply amazing. As the drummer of my favorite band, that makes him my favorite drummer.

I think Shinya is the best drummer, he have an only style the composition, their characteristics as a simplicity and sympathy, plus a distinct size in nature shy but once he began playing the drums is transformed and is able to communicate through its pace in an extraordinary way

Seriously, I dare people to try to keep up with Shinya. DIRENGREY hasn't took a break in over 13 years, now try to drum nonstop like him. I bet you can't do it. The way of how he combines death metal drumbeats, and still keep in rhythm with the rest of DIRENGREY is mind blasting.

He's the best and has the biggest set of drums ever! He can play just about anything! He's a really amazing drummer and he can do just about anything on the drums that most other drummers can't do. I swear he can play like 60 drums at once and plus they've come to the United States!

Shinya is so small but he is incredible on the drums... he proves everyone wrong... He is my favorite drummer BY FAR. His ability to create fast rhythms and his solos just make me stop and listen in awe. EVERY TIME.

Did you see his (her) BIG drums?! Except for that, is a really good drummer and better than the present second, Yuki. So, yeah, I vote for him, because... C'EST UN SCANDALE! And someone told me to vote so... I'm just a sheep.

Shinya is a beautiful skinny BEAST on the drums. He can play gentle songs, he can play hard core songs that burn the house down. Shinya is one of the best drummers ever. He's a mixture of power and precision.

Shinya is an amazing drummer. He's a contrast himself, I mean that he is so thin but his internal strength and physical is matchless. I've seen Shinya playing drums in performance live it is impressive, he has a high level. Continue on this way.

Shinya blows my mind with the way he plays his drums. Seeing him in several PVs and even seeing him live, he goes crazy on those drums. I have yet to see a drummer (besides Yoshiki cause he's amazing) top Shinya's drumming.

He is just the best, no doubt. In a concert you cannot just take off your eyes from him. He is just so charming when playing. He does not simply play drums, he is the rhythm and soul of the band. Just the most amazing drummer.

Shinya is the only drummer which made me felt like intense depth and complexity in his rhythm, I'm not saying that others are bad and not up to par, but it's just somehow that Shinya's style able to captures my utmost interest.

Shinya has impeccable rhythm and style; he keeps the band on time with his beautiful drumming and sheer ability. He's an irreplaceable drummer who I've admired more so than any others, watching him at work is entrancing.

Shinya's drumming is complex, with a distinct rhythm and style. In every song, no two drum tabs are alike. Despite this, his drumming compliments the song perfectly, not distracting from the musical art piece as a whole.

Shinya and Yoshiki are my favorites. I can do Yoshiki's stuff, but fail after lack of stamina. But when I try to play Shinya's stuff, I can't even get started it's so technical!

I can only adore Shinya-san for his skills; he's nice in person, wonderfully talented and beloved man by his fans. I couldn't vote anybody else but him. Go Shinya-san! You should win this contest! We love you!

Shinya's drumming is filled with emotion unlike any other drummer I've heard. I love all the bands on this list but Shinya does a masterful job, there isn't one song I can't go through without trying to air drum along.

This is so right! Shinya has done everything there is to be the best drummer there is. His rhythm, speed, and endurance make him the best there can be. Just watch some of their live videos on YouTube. Shinya IS A GOD!