SUJK has very impressive skill, because he can drumming while spin his stick and the tempo still good. His double pedal is amazing one! He can drumming while the tempo sometimes up and sometimes down, and his drumming still in stable condition! All Hail SUJK!

SUJK is COOL! He is not only fast, but see his drum set. Full of things that confuses me. He even got the nice fan thingy! The best part is he spins his stick while playing drum! Epic!

Love him very much, I think he is talented and hard-working guy... Also he has recorded his solo-album and of cause this is a great indicator of his success

The best drummer ever! his style of drums is great! He gives excellent atmosphere to DELUHI songs he plays with pleasure. I love him very much

SUJK is the best drummer I've ever seen. His speed, his energy and talent are unbelievable.

Hmm Sujk is Talented, he have Skill, ability and He is Great Japanese drummer.
And now he is begin the solo career

Wow, SUJK the drummer who have high speed, passion and skill on drum like in Revolver Blast or the Farthest.

Because he's playing drum like machine gun =D everything is speed

He is my inspiration for playing drum

SUJK has very impressive skill, because he can drumming while spin his stick, the tempo still good and his double pedal is amazing. Sugoi!

I started loving his drumming since I saw Departure PV. So fast, stunning, and I can't take my eyes off his spinning shuriken cymbal.

One word "AMAZING", he have all skill that's drummer must have.. Skill, abillity, speed, power & stamina

Best in double pedal I think
High skill, unique drum set
Sujk the is best