Uke Yutaka - The GazettE


I think there are wayy too many talented drummers in Japan (;_;) but my vote belongs to Kai. He's the craziest, cutest, fastest and insanely consistent drummer I have ever laid eyes on. He stays in rhythm perfectly, even during lives when he's smiling all the way and laughing and it's like drumming just becomes second nature to him. I'm also astonished how he can hit out the fastest beat in the world and barely break a sweat. He even put himself in hospital drumming so hard and so quickly, and he keeps on going no matter what. He puts so much energy into each song and it's incredible to watch; I could stare at him all day. He gets my vote for sure! Love you Kai!

Although I greatly admire Yoshiki and Shinya, I have to vote for Kai. He has an innate understanding of the music and the ability to enhance the sound rather than overpower it. And totally not related to his drum skills, he has the most engaging, cute smile ever. He looks like he is enjoying the music and performing.

His skills are epic and he's passionate when he plays the drums. You can feel it in every hit he does. Also, he's the only drummer I know who has the ability to flash his cute smile when they play a heavy/fast song like Discharge. He may not be experienced unlike some drummers nominated here, but there's just something so special about Kai.

! I'm NOT SAD OR MAD! BUT I LIKE WHEN I SAW THE NUMBER 3! ITS MY favorite! AND MY VERY VERY VERY LOVELY DRUMMER IS ON THE 3RD PLACE! I DUNNO BUT I'm NOT SAD! OR MAD KYA! Well about him, his a one HEAD BANGING! BEST BAD ASS DRUMMER I EVER KNEW! His very passionate and very dedicated to his work, to his family and esp to his band. He cook! He always think about others before thinking about himself.. Sorry about my English but I'm not really good explaining about my favorite. Drummer. Kinda shy though but his really the best of the best for me!

My vote goes to Kai. He is a really good drummer. No wonder he's on the first place. He's not just simply drumming but he has passion in drumming. He is really talented and amazing, whenever they play on stage, you can see that he is totally enjoying what he's doing. He love what he is doing and that is the most important. It doesn't matter if other drummers entered the jrock industry earlier than him, we are not talking of experience here, it's about skills. There is no doubt why he's got the first place. Kai is the best!

Kai is indeed number one. Not just in his playing style, but also in his attitude. He loves music and has a passion for that and cooking. Kai has worked hard to get where he is today. He inspires everyone through his playing and his smile. He puts his heart and soul into being the best he can be and every fiber of his body is put into playing.

Kai is a very talented drummer. Very hard working and he puts his full efforts towards his work.. He plays the drums uniquely unlike any drummer I've ever seen. More over besides being a dedicated drummer Kai is the GazettE's band leader and in my opinion he is a very good leader keeping the whole band in good shape.

Kai isn't my favourite drummer only because he has a cute smile, only because he is cute or because he is sexy. He's my favourite drummer because he know how to play drums. He plays drums like a God for me. I can't imagine a better drummer for the GazettE. There is no better drummer for be. It's only Kai. He is hardworking. You can see it in every live, PV, in every song. He works so hard. Thank you Kai! You deserve to be #1! You will always be number one for me. I'm proud to be sixth gun.

Not only is he a great vocalist, Kai has the smile that beats all smiles and he shines bright stationary where he is. It's obvious how much heart and soul he places into playing the drums and he gives his all in lives. This is someone whom you can tell from the beginning has a love and passion for what he does.

The drummers of course have a lot of experience than kai and that's why I feel he is the best Japanese drummer because he is able to play drums with that energy which a youth has.. He has always given his best in his performances and there are so much things to describe him.. These words aren't that enough!

He can't be like Yoshiki about drums, really. But he knows how to play it, really really. Especially with Ugly and Undying, he show us what can he do with drums and we can be sure now, he'll be a legend about drums at least in Japan. Normally, I must choose Yoshiki, but I want to give a chance to Kai.

The moment I saw him play drums, I immediately fell in love with him! It's so inspiring and great to see how he has so much fun while playing drums, he's doing this with all his heart. It just feels like that this guy is born for sitting behind the drums and playing it to world's end.

The sunshine of the band! His smile an melt an ice berg and his amazing and awesome skills are just beyond words! Lovely person and lovely drummer... You just have to love him... :) it's inevitable. Really an awesome and so talented drummer... Knows how to beat:) Kai rocks! And so does The Gazette!

He is the God of the drum! Kai-senpai has succeeded in proving that the drummers are not only an important and necessary piece for a band, but also that we highlight. Beyond that, is a person with an engaging personality and manages to charm everyone with his smile, and it can produce smiles with his strange laugh. We have before us a man who knows how to spread a passion almost only through the drum. N___n

I'm consider Kai is the best drummer, the way that he plays... make you feel the music inside you. I really admire him. Is a special ability when a person is giving you a message trough the music, that all your body react with the rhythm... In other words he is unique...

A guy who really inspire me to take up this instrument and smack all the way. He is just one of the best drummer I have ever seen in my life. I always have to follow is good and bad habit, the way he plays the drum and the way he bang his head at the same time is way too epic!

I guess the reason why I think this drummer is amazing, is because of the joy he seems to have in it. Not only does he play really well, He actually shows people how much fun he has. It always makes me very happy to see him smile and enjoying music so much.

He is an amazing drummer, he definitely has the best talent in Japan, he plays so energetically, and with style, he never faults! Kid's around the world can look up to him, no one plays the drums and smiles at the same time quite like what Kai does!

the best and hardworker drummer I've ever seen! we can see his hard work by just looking at his skill.. I love kai

Without a doubt he made me listen to a drum.. To think of it not only as a thing that you bang with the stick.. But an actual instrument that can show emotion. He rocks. No more words needed

He's very talented and look at the music with his oh-so-famous-cute smile. I think as a drummer, he should be one of the top first. The rhythm that usually is in the GazettE music, IS very hard. Just press VOTE!

kai is the most cute drummer.. he's smile the best x)))He works so hard. He does everything possible to improve & he is most responsible in The Gazette. You really can't not love him. And he can't not win!

He simply incredible. I really don't understand nothing about music, but he... He really has THE skill! When he drum, my eyes can't go away and I stare to him. He transmit the pleasure and the passion... He just great.

He's really passionate about his drumming and when I watch the recordings of the lives/concerts, he looks like he's having so much fun. He's smiling and he makes it look like the funnest thing in the world.

He puts all that he got into his drumming. His drumming is totally precise, complex, sophisticated, and he plays from his soul. You can feel that in every song. He's just perfect as a musician!