Yuki - Versailles


YUKI is the best drummer ever!... I usually do not pay attention to drums in any band, but YUKI has changed that!... I can't listen to a Versailles' song and not to feel his drums in my heart. He is amazing to watch and listen in live, and he is also a man with an adorable personality, he makes me wish to learn Japanese so I can talk to him more. In fact, that guy has influenced me in many ways... he is often the less noticed in the band but.. he deserves the same attention than others, because he is equally good. He is just, perfect! :3

YUKI is amazing. For instance, when I first heard MASQUERADE, the drums were the first thing I noticed and it made me love the song even more. After that, I noticed YUKI was incredibly talented, especially for long songs like Faith & Decision and God Palace. YUKI must have some stamina. YUKI is amazing at drumming and a beautiful person.

I looked past this man first time when listening to Versailles (I guess Hizaki and Teru got all my attention) but Yuki is insanely good. After Hizaki's second solo in princess the drumming is the best I've heard; it really is incredible.

As all the other members of Versailles have had their own composed songs I would love to see what Hizaki can do in Versailles next album.

Pretty sic drummer. Being a musician myself, I tend to be picky. But this guy can throw down with the best. I'd even, and am prepared to be beheaded for it. Would love to see him play against Joey from slipknot just for fun. It would be one sic show to see. An amazing drummer. Like the rest on this list. I don't see how anyone can down anyone. But Yuki is definitely up there.

Yuki is incredible and energetic, and morphs into a powerful beast when he plays. He plays aggressively, yet beautifully, and he makes it seem so easy. A very remarkable drummer, indeed. In fact, all of Versailles' members are strikingly talented.

Yuki is beautiful and the lesser member noticed during lives! The camera focuses more the other 4 then it does on Yuki! Yuki is the drummer, he plays the drums! He is what gives ever song their main heart! Why can't the camera focus on him more?!

Yuki is a very good drummer, He can play every style you want. The other are good too, yuki can do exactly the same as others do with effort, but without difficulty, makes complex Drum tracks seem simple without losing the elegant style of his band, which also is composed of some of the most skilled musicians from Japan.

YUKI is a great drummer! It's fascinating to listen to him and watch him too. I watched his version of the Masquerade PV more often than that of any other member, simply because it's so amazing to watch :3
Also he really is underrated :/

YUKI is so genuine and lovely. His drum skills are so amazing, and he makes the most beautiful drum lines. He has some serious dedication and stamina in what he does. He deserves so much more than he gets. A truly wonderful guy.

Although he's pretty much underrated, but he's an amazing drummer! He does his job very well and actually inspired me to become a drummer as well.

His playing is incredibly fast but it's also very clean and precise. Yuki is an excellent, skilled drummer that deserves way more attention than he's given. Not to mention how wonderful he is personality wise :3

I can't help but always be impressed with Yuki's work, especially his speed, energy, and his penchant for creative fills. Everyone else in Versailles is a virtuoso, and Yuki stands shoulder to shoulder with them!

A craftsman in his skill. Great stamina and so many great accompaniments to Versailles' music. He fits in well with the rest of the group with the unique style of his rhythmic supremacy.

He is the best drummer in japan recently, but Yoshiki is legend.. Yuki's style is matched 100% at Versailles.. He rolls so fast and his foot is like driving bicycle in 100Km/hours..

This guy can turn the clash of symbols into a melody line and knows the difference between crescendo and forte when it comes to those transitions in the middle of a song. Not many drummers even care about that. But other than his knowledge and skill, he so much stamina! During those long songs at lives they are constantly transitioning and changing, he manages to maintain speed and keeps going no matter how long the song is. All the while, he has a big grin on his face when he's done! He often fist pumps in the air even though his arms should be so tired they would feel like they're going to fall off. Skill, Experience, Stamina, Enthusiasm: He's got it all.

I also got to meet Yuki the other day after the London Versailles gig. He was so kind and energetic. During the live, he played so well, and it was wonderful to feel the pounding of his drums in your heart!

Yuki is a very wonderful and sweet person. The way he plays the drums is most interesting and exciting. He gives it his all when he is playing live.

Gosh damn, this guy drums like nobody's business. Still waiting for his solo drumming session in DVD since I can't seem to see him live yet!

Such an amazing musician. I would love to go to a live and see him play a drum solo. It would be the best thing ever

He's just perfect. I love his style, his music, and everything about him. I think that he will won this contest!

My three favourite drummers Yuki, Shinya and Sujk; but Yuki is the best. Aristocrats Symphony is very good.

He is so good, just vote Yuki, he's the best of the world! I can talk more than a whole year about how good Yuki is, but I think I better can't do that because than your ears are burning! But just vote Yuki, he wants it, really. He is the best drummer I ever have seen! If you think the same, VOTE YUKI! Come on! just tap on that vote button! And if he wins, I'm going to Japan, way? Because of Yuki!

Energy is one of the words that describe his style the best! Sometimes I feel like there are 34 drummers, not just one, and sometimes It's like the drums plays themselves.

Yuki is an amazing drummer and composer, giving his touch on every song the band. He is fast and conveys a feeling noticeable when are playing, letting the music soft even with all his hits. His style and energy at the concerts, make Yuki the best!

Yuki is the best, he has perfect rhythm and he's just amazing! He's come such a long way in Versailles and I can always hear his drums in the songs, he's great.