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From visual kei to heavy metal the top 10 Japanese rock singers.

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1 Takanori Matsumoto (Ruki - The GazettE)

his hard voice and his smooth voice is balanced, rarely singers can do that.. and he put his all feelings and heart to every of his songs..

Digs very deeply into the theme of every song, and not only conveys an emotion but inspires emotion within the listener. An empathetic singer that inserts himself into the point of view of the subject. Portrays an image through a speaker that can be empathized with, despite the often extreme circumstances that are portrayed. A human being that has a genuine message he believes in.

Ruki is an amazing singer. After everything that has happened to him he still goes after his dream which is what I admire about him. His lyrics are amazing and he is a good friend to everyone in the band. Ruki all I want for you is to SMILE! Every time I see a picture of you I see this: I-I we all love you so just smile for us! We"ll love you even more! (if that's possible! )

Really Ruki Sama is amazing..
Each and every song is very perfect..
Especially Miseinen.. I so love this song
All best for your new projects.. Ruki Sama
Love from India
God bless you

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2 Kyo - Dir En Grey Kyo - Dir En Grey Kyo is a Japanese musician, poet and singer-songwriter. He is best known as the vocalist of the metal band Dir en grey. He has been with the band since its inception in 1997 and was formerly in La:Sadie's.

He should be above Ruki on this list! Cause Kyo has such a wide range of vocals he is great he can sound almost inhuman at times with his screams like at the beginning of Repetition of Hatred it's just 'WHOA' cause with Ruki you get sick of him after a while. But the rest are still good musicians! - Jrock-LOVE

Ruki is brilliant, but I can't imagine a single human on earth touching Kyo's vocal ability. He is a master in every sense of the word, from low growls to high shrieks, whispers, crooning, screams, not to mention that insane 5-octave range. Come on, guys.

Kyo is WAY better than Ruki. Way more experienced, and he has a much better vocal range than Ruki. I do like Gazette, but I think overall Kyo is more talented and should have made the top of the list.

I love Ruki, but no one can beat Kyo. His voice is too emotional and his vocal range is so wide...

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3 kamijo - Versailles

Kamijo is the best singer, his voice is so sexy and he is a charismatic artist!

Wonderful voice that just makes your heart soar when you listen to it. It reminds you of a fine wine--gets better with age. Through all of his years of vocals, the magic that is his voice makes a rainy day better.

Great singer and frontman.
Listen to Revanant Choir, Prince or Aristocrat's Symphony. - TD17

Beautiful tone and color to his voice, it is always pleasing to my ear! He can adapt to different kind of songs (compare Romantique with The Red Carpet Day if you don't believe) and sings well live and in the studio. Also a great performer, very charismatic.

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4 Morita Takahiro (Taka) - One OK Rock

He is too amazing. Not a lot of singers have total voice control. Husky, melodious, hard, smooth, anything he does with his voice, he still sounds awesome. Jumping, running, turned upside down, the control is still present. And the way he looks at the camera or feels the song he's singing? It makes a girl's heart melt. Some girls I know even cried. The bottom line is, he's one of the greatest singers and lyricists ever born. Try imagining him singing my sweet baby or kagerou, and he's looking directly into your eyes. These question for the girls: wouldn't you palpitate? Wouldn't your knees give up? Wouldn't you feel butterflies in your stomach? If not, go die.

His voice is just incredible! His tone is awesome! Imagine getting tired of his voice? Not possible, right? He honestly deserves to be in the top three minimum, if not even to be first.

The power in his voice, the presence it caries; he can set the mood with his voice and adapt it to any style. He's killed it all, power ballads, hard rock songs, screaming, soft rock: everything. When Toru first tried to recruit him he said he didn't think rock was a vocal genre. Well congratulations Taka, you made it a vocal genre and I love you for it!

His songs are powerful´╝ü

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5 Hyde - L'Arc~en~Ciel

Hyde is the best. He had wide range of vocal. His technique is more skilled as he got age. Hyde is great and the best

He feels the emotion of whatever he sings. That adds so much. But he has a powerful voice with a wide range. There is no comparison.

HYDE is simply the best! his voice makes my heart beat faster and that is amazing! he is the only one that can reach those incredible high notes in every laruku and vamps' song! by the way, his writing skills are even more amazing! every song is truly beautiful! I respect every japanese artist, they are all better than anyone else... they all sing beautifully... I can't name any american singer who can perform live without singing out of tune! asian artists are perfectionist in that regard specially HYDE WHO FOR ME IS THE BEST!... hope you understand my bad english

Hyde has one of the most pleasant passionate voices I have ever heard. Anything he sings is worth a listen.

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6 YOMI - Nightmare

I'm not a huge fan of Nightmare in general - I like their songs, but I'm not super involved with their fan dom. However, whenever I hear Yomi's voice, he sounds amazing. I love when he sings as Chiba in Sendai Kamotsu - it's great how his amazing vocals can still be heard through his "silly voice".

Yomi puts so much emotion and power into his vocals, He is like no other, During Nightmare's live shows his vocals actually improve (unlike many other vocalist who sound terrible live). He never dissapoints. Further more he can manipulate his voice like no other (yes I'm talking about chiba) Yomi's vocals were sent from heaven! And the boy knows how to use them without fear. He also takes great care of them (unlike some careless vocalist who smoke)

Yomi is the best singer in all the world, his voice is incredible and very special. Nightmare won't be the best band without yomi. YOMI fighting!

Yomi is probably one of the few jrock/visual kei singer who can actually sing in tune. His voice is just perfect and really fits the band. I'm not fund of their newest releases but his voice will alway remain in my top 5.

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7 Sono - Matenrou Opera

I feel delight and excitement when I listen to the fantastic music of Matenrou Opera and Sono-san's wonderful singing. Although separating terms as "music" and "singing" aren't applicable in Sono-san's case because what he creates with his voice through his singing is pure music. There are really a few singers in metal or rock bands that are able to create music with just his/hers voice. I had always heard vibratto as poor singing skills until I heard Sono-san singing in vibratto, now I hear it as music. And I love how he adjusts his singing to every song, always different but still recognizable as Sono. And I find it admirable how he molded talent he was born with, into what it is today, a real beauty. I wish I could explain in words why I love his singing, there are moments when I'm close to tears from exhilaration that I sense when I hear his singing, which I haven't experienced ever before. I like listening to him sing more than I had Freddie Mercury.

He has a great and unique voice. His way to sing is very emotional.
When singing, he airs a great charisma.

Why is he so underrated?
I love his voice SO MUCH, I can't believe that the other guys of Matenrou Opera are not even mentioned o___o

Like person who sings during many years I can say that no one from singers above can't compare with Sono. Sorry, he even isn't my absolutely favorite, but it's just true...

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8 Byou - Screw

An extremely sensual voice that does justice to their feline appearance. His lyrics, his rhythm, his movements, his bearing, his elegance... Byou is magnificent.

I just love his sweet, delicate voice. Besides, camera loves him, he's beautiful.

He is massive! Beautiful voice, beautiful face, beautiful movements. He is PERFECT.

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9 Kaya

Huge vocal range, Kaya is one of the best well-known artists in the Visual Kei scene, with an excellent grave voice, but also sweet in so many moments.

Kaya oh Kaya his voice. Hmm it's very... All I can say is that it comforts me because it's pleasantly lucid, sweet, very moving at times.

He has got an amazing voice and an amazing wolrd! He definitely worth being high!

10 Ai - Deathgaze

His voice is so smooth and rich sounding. His vocal control is demonstrated even at live performances. Listen to "Amends" to know what I'm talking about here. Also, his growling is on point and sounds extra good because of his super deep voice.

I think his very good at singing

His voice has a lot of vocal range and it is just really great. He expresses his emotions well through his screams and his normal vocals. Check out the song BLOOD it is really good and it has a fantastic filmclip! ^__^ - Jrock-LOVE

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11 Sui - Megaromania

This man does not have enough love. Come on...he hits high notes beautifully in "Apocalypse".I don't understand why people think that he sounds so terrible.
I also recommend the songs Quintessence Voyage, Aurora, God of megaromania, and Cynthia. Amazing vocals and melodies!

12 Gackt Camui - Malice Mizer and solo Gackt Camui - Malice Mizer and solo

Gackt just has the perfect voice.. Deep and beautiful. He sounds so good live. His voice is just wonderful..

Gackt works very hard and really cares about his fans he keeps surprising us with his new work and ways of expressing himself through his music

No matter what his music is always different I think that is why he is supposed to be nr. 1!

He has real talent and such a beautiful voice! If you have ever listened to him sing "Au Revoir" in Malice Mizer, that is a great example. The way he hits those high notes flawlessly and quickly is amazing!

Beautiful voice, so balanced. - deadmeow

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13 Haruna Ono - SCANDAL

Haruna Ono is gifted, also a gift to the world to give us positive energy. Once I watched her perfect performance on Scandal vs Budokan live DVD on big screen... I was drenched by that unique powerful but gentle beautiful husky voice. The coolest and experienced performance of Pride... the gentle, passionate, and beautiful Haruka... man, she is a piece of art. Her voice, figure, face, movement, energy, and her guitar... doing that perfect performance so naturally and easily... she is a goddess... That unique husky voice conquered and melted your heart from the first day you heard of it, you know... I nearly gave up modern music and songs, thank you to Scandal, thank you to Haruna Ono, music and songs give me power, life, and hope again.

Her voice captivated me the moment I first heard of it. It was very hard for me to explain the experience, but it was like my heart melted. Her voice is deep and powerful, but also versatile. She is the amazing leader of SCANDAL, very professional and brave, but very caring and thoughtful and looks after the other members. She also has this amazing stage presence and charm along with her great guitar skills which really rocks!

With a husky and a slightly deep voice, Haruna Ono is one of the few female singers in Japan that has this suited for rock kinda voice. Her voice really blends in for every song that she sings, be it SCANDAL very own song or other cover songs. Her voice is one of the major factors that contributes to the success of the band. Just by listening, anybody would know that that is SCANDAL's Haruna singing because her originality of her singing voice. No doubt Haruna Ono is an amazing lead singer that everyone would pay to hear.

Best singer in my opinion

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14 Iwagami Tatsuro - MUCC

He has a great vocal range and has such energy live - an amazing vocalist who in my opinion deserves to be at least in the top 5

Tatsuro has very unique voice and his way to use it is different compared to many others. You can hear the real emotion from his singing - it's coming straight from the heart. You can see it best on stage. He's very effective and intense performer - must see it. His voice is also so diverse... he can sing hard and fast songs but sensitive and slower songs as well. Here's some reasons why he's the best in my opinion.

It's simple. He can sing. That's all. If we're looking for the best one, who is known outside Japan too, then I think Tatsuro is the only one, who has got a really good voice, and this is the thing with it you have to born. Because just working on it is never enough, if you doesn't have something that is called God-given talent.

One of the only Japanese rock singer that can keep music notes without adding tremolo or unnecessary sofisticated effects while sharing intense emotions. definitely deserves to be in the top 5 et chapeau l'artiste!

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15 Toshimitsu 'Toshi' Deyama - X-japan and Toshi and T-Earth

1. Part of the most influential Japanese band.
2. One of the best rock voices.
3. Sounds better live than in a studio version.
4. Greatest Japanese frontman.
Listen to Art of Life, Kurenai, IV or Tears and you'll see why. - TD17

ToshI is the best! He's got the best voice. It's powerful, beautiful, emotional. It's great! ToshI sings from the heart and soul, and no modern Visual Kei band singer can even begin to hold a candle to ToshI.

Toshi-sama! WHY DID THEY PUT YOU IN SUCH A BAD POSITION?! This is purely INJUSTICE. Maybe everyone had forgotten the soulful singer of X Japan. When I heard him sing TEARS at first, I'll admit- I CRIED. I CRIED. I CRIED. His voice reached deep into my soul and made me feel more calm. I was a Kpop addict- I changed because of X. I thank them now, for their songs had made me more calm and happy. ENERGETIC TOO. I LOOK UP TO YOU, TOSHI-SAMA. I hope you know that this placing doesn't mean we hate you- WE LOVE YOU FROM OUR HEARTS. :D

Most original voice!

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16 Miyavi Miyavi

This boy is beyond brilliant. A lot of his fame comes from his extraordinary 'slapping' style when playing the guitar, but he certainly isn't lacking in the vocals department. And when I say that he isn't lacking I mean that he's brilliant. His voice has a somewhat husky quality which makes it sound simultaneously mad sexy and also perfect for the genres he usually plays (punk rock/rock/pop etc. ). If that isn't enough, he's very easy on the eyes (and by that I mean damn hot). Check out 'This Iz the Japanese Kabuki Rock'/'MYV Pops/'Miyavizm' - yes, the entire albums.

And finally, he's even better live. He sounds better live than he does recorded. Isn't that one of the best signs of a genius artist?

Miyavi is... Everything you want in a rock singer. He has an amazing voice, and even more amazing guitar skills. You will be amazed, I'm sure of it! He deserves to be in the top 10! It's almost too good to be real! And his "slapping" style? I've never seen anyone do it better like him!

His talent is enormous. I'll add something to everything that has been said. He isn't only a brilliant musician but also a great live performer in the sense that he rocks the stage but also has a great control over the audience. You can't impossibly stop listening to him throughout the entire show, and that's because his interactions with the fans are interesting. He doesn't do, only, the 'sing the lyric' or 'just listen to my brilliant performance' thing. As said, he ROCKS and he owns the stage when he's up there!

Is the best...

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17 Satoshi - Girugamesh

All I can say is he deserves to be in top ten and Girugamesh is my favorite band and Satoshi is my favorite singer... He had so much emotion in his voice and I love all his songs (apart from the new albums) but that won't stop him from being my favorite! GO SATOSHI!

He has a great beautiful powerful voice. He can sing in many sounds and his songs are full of emotions. Satoshi expresses them very well. His voice touches me and my feelings, it comes from the heart. While listening to him I melt

He has an amazing voice. Satoshi's voice is so powerful to me as well. Powerful to me doesn't only mean how loud or how energetic he sings. His voice is so powerful that he sings with all his heart 'till he reaches yours. From Heavy to Soft Melody, he never fails to amaze me. NOW. GO. SATOSHI!

I lovve his voice, I heard it by luck since my country is influenced mostly by American and European music (Dubai <3)

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18 Asagi - D

Asagi has one of the most beautiful and versatile voices in the Japanese music, I wish he were among the first, He really deserves it.

Asagi is my favorite Japanese singer. He has a beautiful and unique voice. He has a wide vocal range. He is both a countertenor (the highest male adult singing voice) and also a bass-baritone (second lowest in musical pitch). He is the best live singer and a great composer. One word... RESPECT!

Can't believe he's not #1, his vocal range is impressive, and his versatility is amazing as well! His voice live is THE BEST. He hits super high notes as if those weren't difficult at all! I really REALLY hope he gets to the first places, he deserves it 100%!

I love Asagi! He is very talented and a wonderful person

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19 Takanori Nishikawa - T.M.Revolution

I love his voice consistency throughout each song. I especially like the way he manages to drag his voice at the end of the chorus-- if you know what I mean-- in a strong and steady manner. Great skill in that.

His voice, in fact, the music itself mesmerizing me! There is power and aura in each of his songs!

He has an awesome intensity and when make loud notes won't fall for a sec, and used to sing this way all his songs, slow ones or beat up ones always give full power to each one

He's the vocalist for Abingdon Boys School too, right? - Undistinguished

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20 Mao - Sadie

If Dir En Grey were to ever break up, I believe that Sadie would rise to bring on the Visual Kei or J-Metal scene internationally. They are like the Diru in training. Dir En Grey can never be replaced but I think Sadie will just boost the legacy. Mao's really good of a singer, because he is mostly focused on Kyo-style with a good balance of his own.

Sadie is my favourite band. I just find Mao's voice amazing, he can have an acute voice, sing "normaly" and scream very well. In live his voice stays perfect all long of the concert. And he's a great compositer too, the lyrics he sings are beautiful. That's why I think that Mao should be above in this classement!

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