kamijo - Versailles


He's definitely great vocalist! Besides having an amazing voice, he also has a tremendous stage presence and puts on a great show, which is something a lot of vocalists lack. I can listen to his voice for hours, no matter if it's singing or speaking, and not get tired. He has really lovely voice and uses it in music quite well!

Even more than having nice voice and a pretty face, he's also wonderful person. He seems to be really sweet and caring person, but also very smart. And he's so professional, too, which is a big plus!

In my humble opinion, Kamijo is the best. His voice is just a pleasure. And he is a wonderful singer, not for technical qualities (as much as he is great about this, cause he has been showing range and talent) but specially for his lovely rendition skills. I specially recommend listen to PRINCE, DESTINY -The Lovers-, Serenade, After Cloudia, Remember Forever, Love Will Be Born Again, Faith & Decision, MASQUERADE and PRINCESS -Revival of Church- songs... If you have felt how much emotion and feelings he put in his singing, you will understand me!

Majestic stage presence! He gets the audience riveted with his incredible energy. Whether I am listening to him one stage, or while I am playing Versailles in my car, Kamijo's voice is captivating no matter where you are. When I heard him for the first time, I knew I was listening to a musical genius. He has a regal manor that can not be ignored, and like a vampire, his performances drag you into a world you have to desire to leave.

Surprisingly flexible voice. Kamijo proved this after switching vocal ranges. Compare Lareine-era KAMIJO to KAMIJO in Versailles. Vocally not the widest range and not the most versatile, but definitely consistently good in concert (compared to Kyo and Ruki) and hasn't suffered from vocal strain (HYDE has had to tune down a few songs in a live setting). Amazing song writer, composer, and producer as well.

Sexy Frontman of Versailles (formerly from Lareine and New Sodmy). Not only is he a great vocalist, he is a songwriter for his present and past band, but for others in the visual kei world as well. Check out songs that he did for Lareine, New Sodmy, and presently for Versailles (The Revanant Choir, Aristocrat's Symphony, and Masquarade to name a few from Versailles) to see over time this man's evolution. Check him out!

Kamijo has the most balance - the softest falsetto and most commanding opera quality lower pitches. If you hear him also in his older band 'Lareine' which is no longer active, you will feel what changes his voice has gone through. And yet, with every year of his musical progress, he manages to improve upon his beautiful skill even more. He takes my breath away in all his songs, in Versailles and past in Lareine.

Out of the artists listed, I was stuck between Kamijo, Gackt, and Hyde, but as it goes, every fan of J-rock/pop knows that Gackt and Hyde have wonderful voices so I chose Kamijo. He has an amazing amount of talent and more people should be exposed to it (I know I take every chance to recommend the bands he's been in to anyone interested in music).

KAMIJO is one of the best singers who can be, His voice is one of the most beautiful that gives you a feeling of satisfaction and is able to make a day for the ugliest thing is to become one of the most wonderful you can go in life. KAMIJO is also considered one of the sexiest men and the most intelligent and it shows with his beautiful melodies.

He has an awesome voice.. No one has a voice like his, and he sings with a Passion like no other. That's why the only rock band I like is Versailles! Its because of Kamijo's voice! He is test I know that he can melt everyone's heart with his voice. And it gives a large impact. Whenever someone starts listening to his songs.. They get instantly attracted cause he knows his singing!

Kamijo not only possesses a well developed and classically trained voice, but he's intelligent and has a stunning vision for Versailles. He has managed to collect the best of the best and give them a place to come together and make music that inspires and touches the soul.

Kamijo is the best singer of all those listed, is also in the best band versailles addition has very good style and her clothes are great, with respect to his singing style has a voice I think not very good tune and also rarely is a great songwriter and has a very long race since its inception in new SODMY

Kamijo is for me the most talented and important vocalist in every other grade, not only when I look at vk, j-rock. I'm really happy that we can listen to vocalist like he. Vocalist with unusual, emotional and very touching voice, who extremely exercise his talents. Keep going, Kamijo!

He's the best singer.
He has the voice stronger and completely lovely.
You can hear him at any time, because it can be as aggressive as calm and beautiful.
It's really a very talented singer who knows how to use your voice in different ways and delight in all.

Soulful voice... This voice has stolen my soul. I live when I hear him singing. Wonderful composer. Incredible personality...
In him have all, that fans love, and all, contrary to what fans love... Kamijo my love and mu muse! I'll write music until I see his smile, I know.

KAMIJO is the BEST of the BEST! He should always be number one! Not only is he a great singer, he is a great composer. He is so talented in everything that he does! All of his lyrics are magic! KAMIJO beats them all!

Kamijo, well what is there to say about Kamijo's voice, except that he has the best and most beautiful voice a vocalist can ever have. I've never heard anyone who has an equally beautiful voice. :"3

Kamijo is talent! His voice is awesome and magical. He is a great musician, his lyrics are full of feelings and he knows how to show to them to the fans... So Kamijo must be on Number 1! HE IS THE BEST LOVE HIM!

kamijo is the best singer ever! I can't remember another singer with that beatiful voice and he looks like a prince, with or without make up he always looks like very handsome and clean. he is my prince

kamijo always looks so clean and beautiful and his voice is absolutely beautiful all his music is so easy to listen he always be our vocal, from the best band visual kei ever WE ARE VERSAILLES FOREVER!

I love his voice
is so perfect... ah XD
he is a singer very charismatic and pretty
is the best of Japan! of the world!
and sure, he is romantic, elegant and intelligent.
We are Versailles!

kamijo is the best singer, he has the virtue of expressing every word all the feelings of a human being and Besides being and excellent voice and a great costume for your concerts with Versailles

He's a versatile singer! From metal to ballad, he has that sort of caliber rare from other singers in the VK world. His voice also develops over time, so it's exciting to hear him sing every time.

Kamijo is just absolutely magical. He's my favorite ever vocalist and I love to hear him and his amazing voice grow and change over the years. He's so sweet and oh that charisma! He's such a lady killer ;-)

How can Kamijo be in third place? He is charismatic, a great singer, songwriter... and he loves his fans. He should be in second place at least... (but then with Kyo in first... no offense Ru)

KAMIJO IS A BEAUTIFUL SINGER, YOU VOICE IS PERFECT AND his voice is so sexy and he is a charismatic artist!, Through all of his years of vocals, the magic that is his voice makes a rainy day better