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Kyo is a Japanese musician, poet and singer-songwriter. He is best known as the vocalist of the metal band Dir en grey. He has been with the band since its inception in 1997 and was formerly in La:Sadie's.


Not many voices inside J-rock can be instantly recognizable to someone who's outside the genre, but this guy certainly is one of those "one-of-a-kind" frontmen - not only inside Japan but outside too, as the band releases are frequently praised by magazines such as "Kerrang! " and "Revolver" for their high quality and diversity.

His absolutely unbelievable vocal range takes songs like "The Pledge", "Incovenient Ideal", "Zakuro", "Zan" and "Vanitas" to another level, what comes out of this guy is simply insane. He howls, croons, barks, laughs maniacally, screams, growls and does many noises that you surely wouldn't believe that were made by a human.

Kyo is as diverse as the discography of his band, but it isn't so hard to believe the same guys who did "raison d'etre" is the same that did "different sense" when you have such a unique voice fronting them.
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Kyo is one of the greatest Vocals all over the World. His vocal volume is almost inexhaustible. He is reinventing itself again and again. He always manages to excite one anew. No matter how he sings, but it breaks with an ever again. Whether he scream, Growlet sings quietly and slowly, or whether he scream quickly and thoroughly. It just sounds more unbelievable.
He is good in that. He's just a natural. Practically, the measure of all things when it comes to singing.

To his incredible performance arts. He is who he is and how he must give what is in this very important Business.
He is good in that.

He sings so emotional. Not many Vocal could do that.

I must say that I love both Kyo and Ruki very much, and I think they are both superb vocalist. I hope people/fans on both sides would stop bashing these two amazing vocalists. They have different singing styles and different musical pursuits, so stop saying stuff like "his songs are so much better" and such, because you opinion is not everyone else's opinions.

Both Kyo and Ruki's voices had reached into my soul and touched me in different ways. Kyo amazes me with his raw emotions pouring through his screams and growls. Ruki's voice on the other hand always immediately seem to be able to pull me into the world of the song. However, I personally lean a little more towards the darker side of things, and Kyo's songs and emotions in his voice just cuts through my soul like a sharp knife someetimes. I also have to admit that Kyo does more amazing things with his voice than Ruki, though I'm not saying that Ruki's technique isn't good, because he easily one of the best vocalist I've ...more

Wow I can't even begin to believe why Kyo is under ruki. It is probably just because more gazette fans voted. Kyos voice is unmatched. He has insane vocal range and sings with true emotion.

Ok.. Just gets out of hand.. I like Kyo and Dir en Grey.. But I also love Ruki.. And I don't understand the almost hatred here.. And I say almost because if t keeps going like this it will.. Remember there is no competition between those two.. I assume we the fans made this poll.. There is no one better than the other.. They just are and be grateful that we still have them. Love them all even if there are not on your list of "Good voices".. Admire the courage! Spread the love!

Kyo has inspired many people in many different and unknown aspects
His experienced in the past that some could relate and some just have to understand the true meaning of life
He is the most determined and the passionate in music. His behaviour and performance on stage says it all.
No one really knows how bad was his past, how he really feels. He could only his send his message through his voice in the music. The lyrics in the music and the way he interpret the music.
Some refer as a prophet, a god, a superhuman.
I just refer him as a man that exceeded everything, pass every obstacle in his path.
He is my idol. Kyo, the one and only vocalist that opened my eyes.

"I challenge you to find one singer in any genre with more range than this guy. " sputnic music

Can you give me any singer who can sing and shout like him? Anyone who perform so hardly and intensive?
By Kyos singing you know how he feels into the songs that's rare by musicians this time.
Ruki change to Pop music if their producer want it... What the hell.
It's boring to listen to him live there aren't any emotions or less.
Kyo-sama is in this way the best!

Absolutely agree. Kyo is much more talented and way better - mainly because of his soft dark voice. Some songs of Dir en grey are quite difficult and hard, so Ruki can't sing them, I bet so. But they're no match for Kyo. Take "Vinushka" for instance! Low or high, soft or raw, Kyo's voice is, in my opinion, the better one. Not to mention that Kyo's more experienced and sings more hardcore music while Ruki's being a wannabe b**ch with all those synthesized melodies and electro-pop moments. Really. Kyo's way better.

His vocal skills are so impressive. As for me, he's simply the best in the whole world, not just Japan. He has clearly improved over the years, from the very beginning of his career. By comparison, I must say that I listened recently to one of the last CD's of Gazette, and Ruki's voice hasn't changed (which means has not IMPROVED) and Gazette's songs has become boring... So yeah, Dir en grey is the best band and it is partly because Kyo is the best singer and songwriter ever!

Kyo is the prophet, the king of vocal range ever in Japanese visual kei scene! Kyo is one of the very few vocalists that sings with emotion, a true role model to whom ever wanted to become a vocalists as a career. Plus he has the guts to sings about taboo topics, and founded the site to find the truth about the natural disaster in Japan called Scream4Truth! Kyo is also a poet and makes the bad things in life to take a little easier. Plus the fact he's cute with the bad ass look to him!

Hell yes I can not believe it when I saw Ruki is above Kyo. What? Kyo ranks is way higher and obviously everybody knows that back to the past when Ruki was first singing, his style was influenced by Kyo's, form the look to the way he perform the song. To be honest the might be other singer who could be better than Kyo like Atsushi Sakurai, however, as a fangirl view, I can't stand when Kyo is under ruki so I voted for my Kyo laugh out loud!

He is like a chameleon. His voice is like a rainbow. (Die's quote).

He can do with his voice all the things they can be done by human. He sometimes seems like inhuman, but alien, because what he does - cannot be described by words. So much passion, anger, sadness, sorrow and happiness - he can put it in his singing, growling, screaming etc... And - his colour of voice - is so beauty gentle.

Kyo's vocal range and technical skill is unmatched globally. He can produce more notes, and more techniques than any other vocalist I have ever heard. His voice can be sweet, angelic, mellow and flip to the demented, deranged and demonic within a breath. Every single syllable he produces is evocative, he emotes rage, passion, deviancy, fear, anguish, sorrow, grief and hope with such stunning clarity.
Kyo is an artist.

Kyo's vocal range is far beyond any vocalist's I've ever heard of. From death growls to soaring high notes, he throws his voice in such a way, to convey such emotion, that every time I hear him sing I'm amazed at what he is capable of. From Mushi and Glass Skin to Agitated Screams of Maggots (unplugged or not) and Dum Spiro Spero's Different Sense, this man has vocals that would make any singer envious.

I really like Ruki's voice but if you start looking for real talent, then it's definitely Kyo. His range is wider than Ruki's and he has more experience. When I heard Dir en grey for the first time I thought that they used some computer-made sounds in their songs but when I got to know that the singer actually makes them all... It was just unbelievable. Kyo really is a genius, there's no topping that!

Kyo is the original, Ruki and all the others only try to copy him and his voice. Kyo is way more talented than anyone else in the j-rock scene. Kyo, with Dir en grey and La:Sadie's, has gone through a lot to get to the top. And Kyo is still there. I really respect him as a human and as a singer.

I'm pretty shocked that Ruki is the 1st... Kyo should be there.
Keep voting!

I never heard another singer with such a wide vocal range. It's amazing to listen to him and to watch him. He puts so much passion into his singing, it's really really... WOW. And he's able to sing the songs live with even more power than on the CDs. I like a lot of the other musicians like Tatsuro and Ruki too, but Kyo is the best and his way to sing and his voice are unique.

Kyo is one of a kind! His wide vocal variation is just amazing! I've never heard any other singer that can use his/her voice like the way Kyo does.

I feel like I can listen to him for hours and not feel like It's all the same and I've heard this and that before!
He's not like everybody else, he's just so amazing!
Kyo should be above both Hyde and Ruki..

I think Kyo is the best because of his voice capabilities. I mean, he's capable of giving a clean voice and then, in just an instant, he can actually convert his sound into something almost not human at all. Plus, he is able to show countless levels of emotion within just a couple minutes

I personally recommend 24K Cylinders, Embryo and Yurameki

Kyo's more experienced, more willing to experiment, to push things further and try new things. He's always ready to challenge himself and his skills both in studio and on stage. His voice is amazing, he can rawr like a monster from the underworld and then sing like an angel, all in one song and in less than a minute. He is amazing. And most importantly, he cares more about making great music, than looking sexy in photo sessions. If this is about singing and not prefabricated looks, Kyo is number one.

Kyo is the best singer in the world simply because he can achieve tones that no one would be, he is only his voice is unique it is impossible to listen and not recognize that is, his voice is wonderful!, Ruki is a rookie compared to Kyo, is Ruki impossible to reach the level of Kyo ever, so please bitches, more sincere and less fangirl!.

Kyo is just the best rock singer the world has ever seen. his vocal range is just amazing and his growl and screams are perfect. And he gets better with the time... so if now is a GOD of the voice, what will he become in a year or two? I can't imagine anything better than his voice now, but I know he will get even better than the perfection.

Why ruki is in the first place?
I hope all those fangirls vote him for his voice, because this isn't a beauty challenge!
Is a singer challenge...
I hope kyo win this contest, he deserves this, tooru nishimura is the only singer who can put his own body, soul and blood in every show, be a good singer is more than beauty and talent.

Why must people put other vocalists down? Kyo is by far my favorite vocalist, but it's not a reason to insult other vocalists.

Sure, you might hide yourself behind the "it's my opinion" but there are lots of other ways to state your opinions without insulting others.

There are singers, there are artists, and there are those that rise above these labels. Kyo has a magnificent instrument that can be soothing, savage, and everything in between. He has stated that even if he ever lost his voice, he would find a way to express the music. Kyo is a vocalist that transcends the comprehension of language and speaks with the universal tone of intense emotion. Even if I couldn�t hear, I would still listen and reap an understanding.