Morita Takahiro (Taka) - One OK Rock


He's voice is so powerful and it moves me so much! I think he deserves to me in the top 3 at least so amazing performer

His voice is so amazing, the first time I listened it, it left me speechless, At first I never liked rock, I was more into pop. After hearing ONE OK ROCK and Taka's voice, I realized.. "THIS IS WHAT I SEARCHED FOR ALL MY LIFE" and Became a big Fan right away. It's not just about the quality of his voice too.. But the "Soul", "Emotion" and "Feeling" his voice has power in it, I can feel the soul in his voice, he sings not to make money but he sings with all his passion and soul and I feel like I want to sing along, Headbanging with him and the other members. I believe in ONE OK ROCK, One day, One day they will be One of the best bands in the whole world!

Visual Kei is so overrated, talented singers like Taka should top this list. His voice causes joy to my ears, I mean the guy's voice is a lot better live than in studio versions of songs, he can jump and dance and scream and it wouldn't affect his vocals. He has control over his voice, he doesn't go breathless and he has stamina

I saw him perform live and his voice is simply amazing. The way his voice sound on their album is the same voice he has live. Other singers would use auto-tune to change their voice but this doesn't apply for Taka. He has a very high range especially when he sing Clock strike and even when jumping, running and screaming, his voice still sound so incredibly awesome. He is the greatest singer/lyricist ever and he so humble and down to earth. He never fail to amaze his fans with his great vocal range and performance. He deserve to be in Number 1 spot.

What more can I say about this guy? He SERIOUSLY deserves to be "in the top three minimum, if not even be the first" (I agree with someone who said this). Say he's a Japanese rock singer, but somehow when you hear his voice for the very first time and (perhaps when he sings an English song), you will not believe yourself that he actually comes from Japan! My point is, his pronounciation is good, and not to mention his skills to catch the viewers' attention while on stage, and himself alone (at least for me) is the center of the attention. I never love someone other than my family as much as I love him.

P.S.: I take no responsibility at all if, you decide to look up to his profile/identity/affiliation with the band, ONE OK ROCK, on Google, and then you lose your rationality as in you're head-over-heels towards him; this HAPPENS to me and (damn yes! ) I DO NOT regret any moment when I fall for him (everyday I'm falling deeper and deeper in love with him lol).

He has a beautiful voice with great control. His live were all sung with so much emotions it sometimes can make you tear up. I'm not even a major fan of the rock genre but he is definitely one that made me like it more. I have been repeating his song ever since I first got to know of this band.

Taka it's so wonderful, his voice is just INCREDIBLE, well, it's so hard describe, just want say that it's so beautiful, beautiful for me, at the concerts invariable and powerful, sometimes beautiful hoarse, I'm not the only that I fell in love with the songs live, a voice, a singer out from the schemas, I never had heard a Japanese singer like him, always trying his best, always jumping, screaming and appreciate his fans so much, not only a simple singer, an amazing composer too,he never stop to impressing me, just a voice that I won't forget. I LOVE HIM

Taka is the by far the best singer I've ever heard, and I'm picky about those things. He puts so much feeling behind every song. He sings just as well live as in the recordings even running and jumping around. Another thing I love about Taka's voice is that he doesn't sing with such a heavy accent to the point where it doesn't sound good like so many other singers do.

He got a power, power which making all his band performance looks great 'n rocking the audience. Different style, "all-out" perform, skilful personnel he has 'n many more reason. However that's not the point on it, nevertheless you should vote him! Bye-exit-thanks!

Why he is in 5! , he should be in first place! He has amazing and wonderful voice and a great talented! I can't imagine anyone can't love his voice ; that power in his sound specific when he is screaming its make me feel amazing, I enjoy so much listening to his music and their lyrics awesome I never listen to like it, its has a deep meaning and beautiful words I feel like talking about me and my sadness or my happiness or my love, And the import thing he is gorgeous person has a great personality he ia amazing man.

His voice is so addicted. So amazing! I can listen to his music all day long.

Incredible voice! I was amazed by him at the first time I listened to his tone. His voice is full of power and make you feel alive and have more courage about your own future.

Taka is number 4? What! He is number 1! Whats wrong with you people he iis the best singer ever!

What makes him different than the other vocalist is you can feel his soul while singing. You know he mean what he sings and his voice just give me goosebumps every time. It makes you melt whenever he sings even on his live performances. I don't know but he's voice is just so different. How he have this melismatic voice and when his voice falters every once in a while. I can't further explain it but... you know I mean when you listen to him.

Taka's voice is unique, I would Always recognise his amazing voice.
And he sings incredibly amazing!
Taka's voice:
- is amazing
- has a lot of power
- is unique
- you will never get tired of it
- is perfect for one ok rock's songs
- taka has a total voice control
- taka can run and jump while singing

Okay. Obviously this guy should be at least second. He covered Smells like Teen Spirit by Nirvana with such perfect pronounciation, and is considered one of the best covers, as it sounds just as good as the original!
I can't see how someone would not like his voice. Have you listened to his lives? Talk about total voice and breath control! As well as bad ass moves? Jumping around? This guy is sensational!

Oh, come on! Even his talking voice is amazing. :3 his singing voice captures your attention and your heart even when he's still on the first note!

I thinl it's one of the most incredibles vocalist of all the time he sings with passion. I strongly recommend you to hear one of his songs. Describing his voice would be something like this powerful, raspy, high his vocal range it's like a peace of heaven clearly this guy have a amazing voice the you will want to listen more and more.

His facial expression while singing, husky and controlled voice even when reaching peaks of the songs, that made me love him. More.

His voice is not normal on the voice of a boy and Japanese. He is so amazing on speaking English. Sometimes I try to reach his voice but its super very high.

His voice is just ugh! I can't find the exact word. But one thing for sure, he can sing while head banging, running and running all over the stage and while jumping too. He's just too awesome. My heart melt every time I hear him song.

You're crazy not to love him. He is every bit of flawless and is my favorite singer ever! He's one of the rare guys that can sing so beautifully and even scream so smoothly, both album and live. He loves what he does and it shows, making you love him too!

Taka is amazing as always. He sings every song beautifully. His voice is very unique, you can identify easily that it's him. The range of his voice is superb even in live performances. He's very energetic on stage. Taka is a rock God.

His voice is raspy yet clean as an angel, manly yet so soft and sweet. There is no other singers like him among Japanese bands.

His voice is beautiful. And wide ranged. The moment I heard it I fell in love with it and the band. He's amazing live and so skilled and powerful.