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21 Jin - NEGA

For me Jin has a Unique voice. When he sing, his voice has a beautiful and sexy melody as well as when his whisper. His scream are powerful and comes from deep down inside him. I am never tired to listen to his beautiful voice!

He is a really good singer!
His voice is so powerful! I can't stop to listen to the music from Nega! I love nega! He has a powerful voice and live its really great. You can't dislike his voice and the music from nega. I love them so much

He has one of the most unique voice anywhere! There's a ring to it that makes me addicted to their songs for some really good reason

His voice is unique, harsh, emotional, and his scream is breathtaking.
I love Jin and Nega since I first listen to them on old songs like Soul Cry or Reminiscence. Even more when I heard from PERESTROIKA.
And I'm sure they keep getting better!

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22 Shaura - Vii-Sense

Amazing, incredible, magic voice! Shaura is very talented vocalist. I think he is the best in the world! Words are unnecessary! Just listen to him and you'll understand what am I talking about!

23 Sho - Lacroix Despheres
24 Mao - SID

Mao should have been higher than this. The main thing love in his voice is the vibrato. He has a GREAT vibrato, I mean he puts it on even the shortest notes! I remember watching a concert where he held a note for almost 45 seconds and he still had a beautiful vibrato at the end! More than that Mao puts so much feeling into his singing. Whenever I watch the SID interviews he's really quiet and calm but he's so different on stage! There was also that time where he tripped on stage in the middle of a song and he hit it full body sprawled, but his voice didn't even WAVER. I thought that was pretty damn amazing.

Mao is the best vocalist ever exist! His voice suitable for every kind of music. Rock, jazz, pop, and else. He's the greatest vocalist ever!

Love Mao best! His voice is fantastic! His the first singer I has been addicting to! I can't help myself listening to their songs and after I attended their live, I definitely amazed more at his singing skills. I always think he sings more touching than the original ones. I love both his voice and characteristic; he's the best singer in my mind!

He really sings his heart out during performances.

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25 Kohara Kazamasa (Shou) - Alice Nine

Shou's voice is beautiful. He is a talented singer. His lyrics are meaningful. I love him very much!

Shou has the best voice of any vocalist. His vocal ability ranges from a very deep bass tone, to falsetto. He puts so much passion into each and every song he sings, really drawing the listener into the emotions of the song better. The love he has for the fans of Alice Nine are true, not a charade. He feels deeply and he s able to translate the emotions into beautiful, poetic lyrics that state normal emotions in ways you may not have ever thought of them.

Shou has one of the most special voices I ever heared in my life. I love him and Alice Nine very very much

He have a good higher voice.

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26 Sakurai Atsushi - BUCK-TICK

He has almost the best if not the best male singing voice I've heard. He can make Japanese sound smooth. Most of Buck Ticks songs have to do with sex, death, love, or madness. The videos of live shows usually sound better and videos enhance the experience. Some good songs to try are Sasayaki, Ai no Uta, Kiss me Goodbye, Misshitsu, Mr. J, and Asylum Garden. They have also done some songs that are introductions to anime such as Dress and Kuchizuke.

He's got a lot of experience, his voice is unique, I can totally know when he's the one singing.

Atsushi Sakurai is amazing! I have heard very few people who have a voice as gorgeous as his! My favorite song of his is Snow White. Gekka Reijin and Romance also so off the beauty of his voice.

You cannot even compare him to the rest on this list. Best singer in the genre by a wide margin. Also, he kind of started the whole thing...

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27 Takuya - UVERworld

I would kill to go to one of his lives! His voice is more amazing live than recorded. I'm really surprised he is not up on the list. And he has a lot of ranges in his voice but it is so recognizable.

From vocals that can be deep and rocking, to soft and calming, Takuya truly has a voice like no other. Besides having an incredible voice, he writes all the lyrics and music to UVERworld music (sometimes co written with members) Note: UVERworld does Bleach op 2, Blood+ Op 3, DGrayman Op 4, Gundam 00 S2 op 1, Gundam 00 movie ending, etc.

Takuya is a wonderful sentimental person. He is so talented always trying to surpass himself in any way possible, his my idol, I really look up to him and his voice is so magnificent! UVERworld always gives their all in every concert so I really believe he deserves to be at least in the top 10

I love him.

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28 Ryutarou Arimura ( Plastic Tree )

He totally hits your heart with one word that's in his lyrics! He deserves to be in the top 10!

His voice is unique! He have the power to transport you to another worlds and transmit all the emotions that he have to share with his fans... I love him

Ryutaro can elevate the soul with an incredibly sweet angel voice... Should know that he is able to wrap the heart in a blanket of melancholic and sweetness that makes tears escape.. He's an angel.

His voice es beautiful.

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29 Hideto 'Hide' Matsumoto - X-japan and Hide with Spreaf Beaver Hideto 'Hide' Matsumoto - X-japan and Hide with Spreaf Beaver

He is and will always be Japan's and one of the world's greatest guitarist. His voice was very distinctive in general, regardless of what language he spoke in, Japanese or English and (rarely) Spanish. I love it. He has very good vocal rage, to the point where he would sing backup for himself is some songs. I would have to listen to the song again just to make sure it was him. He was a music genius. Period.

Even though he was Japans greatest guitarist he was also a great singer with songs such as Goodbye or Rocket Dive. - TD17

He was the Japans most greatest and love guitarist and singer and the worlds most loved man we will miss you

He can sing and plays guitar. This is not right. He could be on top 10. PINK

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30 Takeru - Sug

His voice is special that nobody can compare theirs to his. He sings all type of happy songs and sad songs and he can sings extremely well. And he is a hardworking singer, novelists, model, fashion designer... He deserved to be voted as one of the top singer.

He - a jack of all trades. He has a special voice and perfect appearance. At his concert, he laid out a hundred percent positive energy and charge

I love Takeru's voice and style. He is 1st idol with me. Please vote for Takeru. Thank you very much

TAKERU! I wish to meet you!

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31 Ryuichi Kawamura - Luna Sea

From rock to pop ballads... And now to opera... This year this guy broke the Guinness Book World Records! Ryuichi Kawura is one of the greatest singers of all time in Japan! Unique voice and charismatic live performance makes him interesting to watch. He can sing all types of music available in the world in his own style I believe

Only Ryuichi is able to sing with no microphone, sings ballads, rocks, he does what he wants with his voice. He is soft and bitter. He is able to hypnotize a audience for hours, Guinness Recordist! o He deserves more than this 2%.

What's great about his voice is that he can suit his voice to any type of music. In his late twenties he changed his singing style from heavy deep metal rock voice to mellow pop; and now in his late thirties he changed again to opera; just continue to adapt and perfecting his voice, which is a difficult streak when you're such a veteran rock / pop vocalist.

Just amazing... Great voice, great looks!

One of the greatest singers in Japan and maybe in the world, way to underestimated.

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32 Yasu - Janne Da Arc

Yasu (now under his solo project "Acid Black Cherry") is an incredible singer and songwriter. His voice is beautiful and easy to listen to, he's especially good with high notes. While having a passion for rock, he also likes to sing pop and recently also tried a jazzier sound. Yasu definitely doesn't bore.

Yasu is an amazing singer with a beautiful voice that over the years shown us his talent bringing their music to hatred outside of Japan

Your voice is amazing and is an incredible songwriter. Your music glad my dark days and makes me happy I love it.

Yasu is an amazing singer and the best babysitter. I love his voice

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33 Koshi Inaba - B'z

This man possesses power, speed, versatility and accuracy that no one else is capable of matching. Pop, blues, swing and rock, he has covered a huge range of music genres and still going strong. With 45 singles and 22 albums hitting number 1 in the Oricon charts, this is solid proof that Inaba Koshi is one of the best Japanese rock singers that the music industry has ever seen, sealed too in the Hollywood Rock Walk of Fame.

178 FOREVER. His voice has been evolving and changing for the better over the years, and everything of be'z has been so far number 1 on the oricon charts. How many bands can be the first on the charts for ALL of their singles/albums?

Inaba-san is a great singer.. sugoii talent.. K. I.4EVER!
Is my best singer in japan.. and Tak matsumo the king's of japan!

the most selling band of japan's B'z's vocalist - ronluna

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This guy is one of the most versatile singers I have ever listened to. He can growl and sounds like a hard metal head, but then comes another verse which he sings like an angel.
His voice is the main reason I fell in love with deluhi! - Lampi

Beautiful singing voice, powerful screams. And he can switch between singing and screaming flawlessly

~Woot DELUHI are a really fantastic band, Juri's vocals are really emotional and he has a great voice allround, the rest of the band are just so cute too and fabulous at what they do, especially SUJK (drums) I love him, he is so cute! % - Jrock-LOVE

35 Hokama Hiroki - Orange Range
36 Ryu - MoNoLith

Ryu is an amazing vocalist with range, emotion and the sexiest growls. There are many amazing, talented vocalists listed here, but Ryu stands on top of them all for me. His voice captured me at first listen and has never let me go. He deserves to move up this list.

There is no one who has so quickly and instantly captured my attention with their vocals as Ryu did. Keita is also very strong and the two make an incredible pair. But Ryu's range and intense growls make him my #1 choice.

His growls are amazing! But he is also very good at singing ballads. His voice is just beautiful. Dress -unplugged- and byakuya are my favorite songs

I love Ryu, his voice is always nice to listen to

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37 Kyo - D'erlanger Kyo is a Japanese musician, poet and singer-songwriter. He is best known as the vocalist of the metal band Dir en grey. He has been with the band since its inception in 1997 and was formerly in La:Sadie's.

I heard the solos of ryuichi kawamura, hyde, sakurai atsushi, morrie but I'm attracted to the way he sings. he sings punk, metal, ballad, rock. he is under appreciated. I saw and listen to other artists I've mentioned and I can't find any downloadable solo albums of him. - ronluna

better than the top tens
d'erlanger is one of the main reasons of visual kei
luna sea, dir en grey and other visula kei bands idolizes him

kyo (isono hiroshi) is the best frontman ever in japanese rock - ronluna

one of the most influential frontman, ask the japanese vocalists who idolizes him. MORRIE, too should be at the top ten - ronluna

ask the japanese fans, kyo-san had a duet with TOSHI - ronluna

38 Hizumi - D'ESPAIRSRAY

Seriously why is he even at #41? He has this lush and emotive voice that's almost breaking the JRock stereotype. Also, he has amazing range... He can growl, croon, and belt like a champ... And revert to growling in a heartbeat. It takes real vocal power to pull that off, especially during lives. Him having surrender to throat sickness is a huge loss for the industry.

One of the most touching heart, mind ^^ soul voice! The only voice which sounds better live than recorded. Full of emotions, those good and making you to scream yourself.

I dunno, I just love his voice. It's so touching, heart warming. He is my inspiration. And also I love him as a person. I think he is just perfect

39 Morita Taka - One Ok Rock

Hyde from Larc en ciel is the best Japanese rock singer I have heard but Taka should at least be in the top ten. only 22 years old and he is already well known in Japan. Former member of the famous boy band News now an awesome rock singer and he has potential to be the best rock singer in Japan

This guy is awesome a former boy band pop singer transformed into the best rock singer I have ever heard with such amazing vocals. Listen to the songs keep it real it's awesome heck all his songs are awesome he should at least be in the top ten

It's a joke this guy is ranked so low! Taka is absolutely incredible, especially the emotion he brings to each and every song. All in all, his voice is just amazing, and suited for ANYTHING!

Taka's voice is so unique!
The bank is great and even better because of Taka's voice! They overtook Alice Nine as my favourite band~
Why isn't he 1st on this list?

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40 Shin - ViViD

Shin can make such beautiful vibratos. His voice range is incredible, can hit those impossible high notes but also go really low, I LOVE ViViD.

ViViD Shin?! My best vocals... He can really reach even the highest notes :D He had a unique voice! Shin can't dance?! But I think his gestures on stage is really amazing! I like his moves.. In Yume Mugen no Kanata ni PV.. I really love the entrance :D His voice is such an amazing sound! Not just that, he is also willing to learn, open minded, and really working for the better songs! He is humble and friendly in spite of where he is now! The content of ViViD's song is surely fantastic... Making a good change in me - Sheirly15

He may not be able to dance, but his lyrics will definitely touch the bottom of your heart. With his lyrics, and his voice, you would think that he's voice is a gift~

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