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41 Hazuki - Lynch

Probably one of the few bands that actually care about music and not so much about the glamorous lifestyle of a rockstar. You can definitely see their dedication through their music.

Hazuki to me is the best singer in the world. The reasons why I consider it is so, his voice is really amazing, another reason is his personality, both as funny and very good with the fans, and another reason I do not think it is so important but the I will mention however, is for being so attractive, that is hypnotizing me they look too much until I dream the whole time. To clarify the reason that all this is because I am one of his fans, I always check if something new and also make the drawings on using your photos. Thanks for accepting my opinion about this great singer.

Ayasàka12 ~

I admire him a lot. He always tries to improve - he even decided to record some of their first songs again because he had a feeling they can do it better after few years. He's amazing the way he sounds now, but still he wants to be better, he aims for perfection. - saaarsdej

I admire Hazuki-san for his great music. Domo arigatou.

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42 Ayumi Hamasaki

All right I know what your thinking, "But she's a POP DIVA! ". But just because she lives a glamorous lifestyle and acts like royalty on an occasional basis doesn't mean that she doesn't know how to rock. I mean look at her classic hits, some of them are actually rock songs such as "Moments", "Talkin 2 Myself" and "Startin".

I love Ayumi Hamasaki-san! When I first heard her voice I fell in love with it. I first heard her singing on one of the Inuyasha endings. Inuyasha is ONE of my favorite anime, and Ayumi is not the only Japanese singer I love. There are others. I love Japan! I love anime. I amm an anime freak.

She can do any style/genre and know how to rock!
End of the World, NEVER EVER, Heartplace, Because of you, GAME, About you, Liae, Humming 7/4, is this LOVE? , alterna, (miss) understood, 1 LOVE, It was, kiss o' kill, fated, talking' 2 myself, GUILTY, Marionette, Mirrorcle World, Rule, EnergizE, identity, Microphone, count down, Last Links, Lady Dynamite, MOON, Return Road - all these tracks rocks without loosing emotions or the typical ayu-style.
I just love her for everything she do...

43 Yo-Ka - DIAURA

Yo-ka's voice is very beautiful and versatile. I love how his voice can be deep and high. I also love the way he screams and how much passion he puts while singing

This guy belongs in the top 10, no questions asked. Why is he even on 49 is beyond me.

I can never get bored with his voice! Beautiful, yet very manly at the same time. Rich, dramatic, soulful, and sexy!

He sings just as good as Hyde or Ruki in my opinion.

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44 Kiyoe Yoshioka - Ikimono Gakari

Great female vocalist of a quickly rising band called Ikimono Gakari, her voice is both strong and soft.
Listen to Hanabi, Blue bird or Sakura. - TD17

45 Keigo Hayashi - Flow

Didn't want to pick between the two as they are both very good vocalist.
Listen to Go!, Remember or Answer. - TD17

Keigo's voice just floats on the music, as gracefull as a swan. I really like Kohsi's voice too. Its amazing how high and how low both of their voices can go. FLOW, will you come to Cape Town (South Africa) pretty please? I really want you to share your amazingly beautiful voices with the people here. Your voices are really THAT amazing!

HAHA I personally think Kohshi is the better singer but Keigo's voice appeals to me more. Actually BLEH I don't know they're both really great

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46 Motoyuki Morrie Otsuka

one of the best and most influential rock vocalist and artist of japan. he inspired lots of japanese bands and visual kei bands like l'arc en ciel, janne the arc, luna sea, buck tick and many more. - ronluna

If I have to pick just one person, Morrie is the one. His voice developed in time, but he never tried the style that did not fit his abilities. Alfter years of hard work his voice is absolutely flawless. And we cannot forget about all the people that admired Morrie so much that they started singind in their own bands. He's a living legend. Underrated much, but still a legend.

47 Ike - Spyair

Ike has a really really special and powerful voice. His voice has the ability to INSPIRE people and of course is one of the best voices I have ever listened to. In my case, I was totally not a fan of rock, but after listening to his voice and his songs, I was completely overwhelmed. Not only by his voice but also by his style and the way he performs etc etc. He made a person who was not a fan of rock like me become one. To conclude, he is WONDERFUL!

Ike doesn't deserve this spot! I mean, seriously? at 50? I won't exaggerate to say he should be at the first spot, but he should be in top 10! His vocal range, techniques, style, and his voice itself is enough to make everyone to just listen.

I maybe bias since I'm a spyair fan but Ike could be easily top 10 on this list.

I agree with the comment above. I did not like rock until I heard his voice.

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48 Shou - Alice Nine
49 Kouki - D=OUT

If we are only looking at vocals ( not the entire band ) Kouki takes the cake. His voice is charming and unique. A lot of J rock vocalist sound alike, but none sound like him.

He's voice is so unusual for me! And I really like the lyrics of his songs!

50 Isshi - Kagrra

Love his voice... And miss him so muh... He can make a wave with his sound to feel enjoy this life

Isshi's Voice is very unique.
He can sing deep parts and also high.
I love the way he combinates the Lyrics with the melodic Music of Kagrra,.

51 Ikuma - AND

He's the best singer ever He had a powerful voice, so beautiful voice. He can scream, he can sing calm. And he write wonderful lyrics.

There is just something about his voice. His singing is very lovely but then he starts screaming. His voice is just perfect.

To me Ikuma is a great vocalist. I feel the emotions through his voice. I love both his normal and Screaming voice, he has a good range too! Some might compare him to Ruki(Gazette), but he find his way to be Unique.

52 Mahiro Kurosaki - Kiryu

Mahiro has very powerful voice... His high notes are very clear. Of course, he is beautiful man, but his voice quality is the best.

It saddens me there is no mention of Mahiro on this list! A truly unique vocalist with excellent skill. Go listen!

53 Miku - An Cafe

I love his voice. How it can change from sweet to sour. How his way of singing can change. And when it comes to his whole person, he knows how to make other people smile and he is actually very good at it. Thank you Miku, for your Nyappy message to the world.

75? Seriously? :(( No, Miku deserves to be higher! His voice is so beautiful, and just listening to him makes me nyappy. He makes me smile, always

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54 Yoshiki Fukuyama

He's done JAM Project, HUMMINGBIRD, and Fire Bomber. He is the best rock vocalist in the entire world!

Genius, Wildest voice and the most beautiful voice at the same time!
He can play anything in the guitar or piano and sing perfectly while he's playing! Yeah!

55 Ryusuke Anzai - Last Alliance

He has an amazing voice, you can tell by it that he just loves to sing just by hearing him. Even though he and his band are not that well known, he deserves to be in the top ten.

He has an awesome voice that can reach the high notes easily and his voice is just beautiful, he has the right voice for the type of music he and his band play

56 Tomo - Vistlip

He can hit some of the highest notes I have ever heard. Unfortunately he is so underrated! Listen to order made by vistlip. I swear it will make you cry!

An amazing singer, however he is extremely underrated, I hope that soon Vistlip gets just as popular as the Gazette. - Gazette

Tomo has a special voice and no one can't be compared with him.
I think that each vocalist has different voice and different advantages as different ways.
And I love all J-Rock vocalist's voices. Both of them are SPECIAL!

Sorry for my bad English

57 Maya - LM.C

After hearing him live, there is no mistake, he gets my vote! His range is great and he sounds that same live as on the CD, exelent

58 Takashi Yamaguchi - Sambomaster

Great vocalist and frontman. - TD17

59 Ganeko Yamato - Orange Range
60 Riku - Phantasmagoria, Chariots and Lin
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