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61 Tomoko Kawase - Tommy heavenly6

Why isn't she here?! This is a disgrace.

62 Tsuzuku - Mejibray

Beautiful voice (and interesting screams). But if we're focusing on clean vocals, tsuzuku has a beautiful resonance in his voice and a wicked cool vibrato. He also does not shy away from putting his fluid voice to the test. In some recorded versions of their songs, they will use a little bit of electronics to get that sort of sound. Live? Nope. Tsuzuku recreates any of those effects purely through his voice. It's smooth and loose and just plain amazing.(Did I mention he is also a pretty damn good screamer? But that's for another time.)

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63 Makii

She has the most beautiful female voice I have ever heard! She has a wide range of low and high voices too. Not to mention she is beautiful. Very good singer, should be up more. - MeowMix

64 Satsuki

Aww come on. Satsuki deserves to be higher. Being my personal favourite, I must say that he has such a beautiful and unique voice. Every time I hear him singing I get goosebumps all over my body. It's like I am in my own dream world~. Since his early years with Rentrer en Soi his voice never ceased to amaze me. He has the ability to sing softly, "brutally" and God hearing him now in his solo career makes me forget all my worries and for once relax. And you know something he is not just the best vocalist.. No, he is an angel!

His angelic voice can't be compared to any! Unique, special, priceless and so much more. You should definitely vote for Satsuki. Without any doubt.

65 Miyawaki Wataru - 12012

Her voice is amazing, I shudder every time I hear her singing. He is very versatile, and a funny and charming man.

His voice actually ranges from low to quite high. He can really sing with emotions esp in their slow ballads like lovers, Alone, Aqua.

66 Jui - Vidoll and Solo
67 YAMA-B - ex-Galneryus, Rekion, Gunbridge, AxBites

The best voice of Japan, with a wonderful vibrato, an awesome range, there is so much emotion in each word he sings. He deserves to be more known over the world.

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68 Genki Hitomi - Vow Wow
69 Jyou - Exist Trace
70 Zin - J├║piter
71 Issay
72 Teru - Glay

His voice is the best of Japanese singer I ever heard. Definitely he is awesome!

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73 Kiyoharu - Kuroyume / Sads / Kiyoharu

I can't believe he wasn't in this list to begin with. HE HAS TO BE TOP 5. Kyo, Kiyoharu, and Hyde are definitely the best rock singers EVER.

74 Aya Kamiki
75 ANGEL-TAKA (Uchuusentai NOIZ)

His voice and his stage presence when performing, Angel-san deserved to be on top spot! I love how he sang so energetic whenever they're on stage. I'm hella proud here that I was able to watch him live.

76 Takeshi Hosomi - Ellegarden, The Hiatus
77 Nishimura Shinya - Snowkel

He has a very energetic voice. Also, he sings very well and very fast (it only seems like that if you have never heard a Japanese person talk). Truly talented ge is and an amazing voice he has. Keep up the good work, Nishi!

78 Nakamoto Suzuka (Su-Metal) - BABYMETAL

She is cute and powerful

79 Anna Tsuchiya
80 Yojiro Noda - Radwimps
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