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81 Iori - Phantasmagoria and Spiv States
82 Inzargi - Megamasso
83 Gara - Merry
84 Taka - Defspiral
85 Lisa Oribe

She is the best Rock girl ever. Her passion, style, kindness and smile are came from her heart. Her Energy makes her Fans heart captivate. The way she loves music the way the music loves her. The way she loves her fans the way her Fans love her too. So lisa 'neechan Love is smile always. Your smile is your our happiness. We doesn't like to see you crying. Were always here to support you, no matter what happen. Maybe soon will meet you

The no who rocks our soul. She got her own style, personality and music. No doubt... She is.. She is the one who got and captivates everyone's heart :) ♥

86 Sachiko - FLiP
87 Yui - UNiTE

His voice is really quite and soft, and he's a beauty

88 Subaru - Royz
89 Kohshi Asakawa - FLOW

A GREAT voice. Perfect with Keigo's voice. They work well together and Koshi came out the best. His voice is so peaceful, rocky and relaxed at the same time. Such a pleasure to listen to.

90 Nakamoto Suzuka (Su-Metal) - BABYMETAL

She is cute and powerful

91 Keiyuu - Kra

He might not be a very big guy (1.56m) but his voice... Wow! Just listen to that amazing range of voice he's second to none!

92 Olivia Lufkin
93 Anna Tsuchiya
94 Yuuki - Lycaon
95 Myco - Changin My Life
96 Klaha - Malice Mizer & Soloist
97 Kouji Wada
98 Kenshi Yonezu
99 Sawao Yamanaka - The Pillows
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