Sakurai Atsushi - BUCK-TICK


Every time I see these lists, they make me laugh so much. Sakurai Atsushi may be the best vocalist that Japan has had in these last 20 years and the inspiration to almost all todays rock vocalists, but yet he is in the 27-th place?! You've got to be kidding me kids! - Ep89

He s always impressing me, he might be growing old, but he didn't loose his energy, and I like how he s working on his voice! He keeps on singing the old song perfectly even if his voice had changed, I can't get tired of listning to him! He s so different of all those singers of these days, very original, charming, professional! He s one of the best Singers in this World!

Atsushi has such a tender voice, romantic and sexy. Thank God he start to sing! Moreover, when I heard him live I couldn't believe he sing live - it was as good as the record!

I really can't believe he's not at least in the top ten. He's an amazing singer and I'm pretty sure he may be the Greek God Eros in human form. Laugh out loud

Of course he has to be on the top! His voice is just AMAZING! It can make you feel like you're touching heaven and at the same time you're enjoying the most precious hell!

Atsushi Sakurai is the best.
The young generation does't realize the charming voice of ATSUSHI SAKURAI.

The best rock singer in Japan. He is really unique and fantastic. Plus very charismatic. And seeing him performing on stage is unforgettable experience.

TOTALLY AGREE. Acchans voice have a authentic feeling in it HE IS A VERSATILE SINGER, he can be as sexy as hell of a voice, or as deep and mysterious, dark ballads, he can do jazzy fills, samba, bebopish vocal fills, popish (not the cheesy pop) and screams (i've grown accustomed to metal music, but buck tick really breaks my genre barrier and language barriers) THUMBS UP FOR DIVERSITY!

Sakurai is awesome, his voice is wonderful and really beautiful and sexy. He isn't just another pretty boy, is more than that

YES, Atsushi Sakurai has a voice that has it's own charm. He's very strong willed too. I keep thinking back to when he was very ill, yet by his singing and performance, you would have never known. He was later hospitalize and than back on his feet before too long.
His voice is "charm" all on its own. Such a deep voice that can alternate to a much higher pitch... It's incredible. He's aged well and his voice even greater. He's a very passionate artist and belongs right up front on stage; despite his shyness.
Everyone in but is a wonderful asset to the band, but Sakurai's voice is what easily made Buck-Tick my favorite band.
With such beautiful distinctive vocals he belongs at the top. I've heard plenty of males singers and many of them have this similarity, but not Atsushi.
After hearing him and Buck-Tick, no other music sounded quite right to me for a long while. Not to mention how quickly I became addicted to them. Almost immediately. A day of Sakurai's [yes a day, ...more

In my opinion Atsushi-san has very good voice, one that no one can copy and very original. It's a pleasure to listen to him.

Sakurai is the best of the best! his voice like no other. Soft, charming, beautiful. He sings in live perfectly!

Is the best group undoubtedly unique style that more could you ask for, I adore their music

If you wanna get charmed... Listen to the sexy voice of Atsushi..
his "ress" and "Cain" are my personal favorites... Atsushi's voice is really Sensual...

You cannot even compare him to the rest on this list. Best singer in the genre by a wide margin. Also, he kind of started the whole thing...

His voice is my drug but is one of my favorite bands and Sakurai's voice is unique!

Favorite all time singer. Sakurai Atsushi

Acchan Has an amazing voice and presence on stage. Unlike most artists, Acchan's voice on stage and on CD is the same.. Perfect!

He is the best.. How come he has got only a Percent vote.
He has the sexiest voice on Planet and maybe out of these realms too. That guy.. Is EVRGREEN

Is the best in all of Japan
One of the best voices in the world, Special thanks to Imai
By the voice of Sakurai