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1 Please Stay with Me - Yui Please Stay with Me - Yui Cover Art

I LOVE this song! Yui is the best out there! I never get tired of scrolling through her albums and pressing Repeat. My personal favorite though is Again(Every time I watch Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood, I start crying because of the openings and the face that it's so much better than the original). KEEP IT UP!

This is the first japanese song, I ever heard... She have a really sweet voice and she's really good at adjusting her vocal cords, which is not a easy thing to do!

YUI, I'm proud to be your fans. I trust you can do the best to us :D we proud to be YUI LOVER. someone ask me to hear this song... when I know the tittle, oh maybe I must listening your song. and since first time till this time, I never bored to hearing your song many times

My friend recomended this song to me a months ago before she went to Japan, so I always remember her when I hear this song...

2 First Love - Utada Hikaru First Love - Utada Hikaru Cover Art

I like your voice so much. And this song is very good and I usually sing together when I listen it. Although you sing English lyrics, you can express your mood well although it is not your language...

Really touching. When I heard this dong suddenly remember my first love..

You were always gonna be my love, Utada Hikaru...

It's a song that reminds me of my life when I saw the person that made me srong.

3 Your Best Friend - Mai Kuraki

I'm here from Detective Conan!

Really awesome indeed

This should be best

4 Nantoka Narusa - News

Although an old song, it is a song that gives you the energy to overcome your difficulties in eeryday life!

5 Ai No Uta - Koda Kumi Ai No Uta - Koda Kumi Cover Art

I think this was a really good song although I didn't understand some of the line as I am still in the age of teen that is thirteen and my name is shalini. Please don't feel bad about this comment I gave you. But the name was really interesting. oh sorry for my age I typed too much.

6 Way to Heaven - Aya Ueto

Best song ever

7 Unfinished - Kotoko Unfinished - Kotoko Cover Art

Unfinished is personally not my favourite song from KOTOKO, but the song defiantly ranks high on my list. Just listen to the introduction! I got hooked!

One of my favorites

8 Love So Sweet - Arashi Love So Sweet - Arashi Cover Art

Upbeat! Never heard it until I watched Hana Yori Dango. Listening to it, I can't help but have good thoughts. Loved the drama!

This song shows warmth and love!
I really enjoy listening to "love so sweet"!

I love Arashi and all their songs!

Feel happy every time I hear.

9 If - Kana Nishino

Love this song a lot.

Love this song a lot

Moshi ano hi no ame

Love the song!

10 Renai Circulation - Kana Hanazawa

This is the most cutest song ever haha.

It a good song

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11 A Little Bit - W-inds
12 Namidairo - Yui Namidairo - Yui Cover Art
13 Laser Beam - Perfume
14 One - Ai
15 Twinkle Star (Shine On Me Ver) - Emi Hinouchi (Feat) Makai
16 Aaa - Deai No Chikara de III
17 Umareyuku Monotachi E - Do As Infinity
18 Aishiteru - Ken Hirai

Beautiful song, beautiful voice, it's the best...

19 Eternal - Jin Akanishi

I love this song, absolutely beautiful - perfection is what I would use to describe it. The vocals, the meaning, the music.. PERFECT. Take a listen. It describes many kinds of loves. It's a really good song, believe me.

This is a beautiful song. His beautiful words, rhythms and goes well with them. I support Akanishi Jin he sings Japanese songs again.

Eternal is really beautiful. It's one of my favorite songs in the world. I think Jin is a genius for creating it.

Personally, I think his Japanese songs are better.

20 Be With You - Arashi

Arashi love! I love this song! I have practically memorized! I listen to it all the time and the lyrics are ever so beautiful...

"Because of your voice, your smile, your everything
I can open my eyes and walk
No matter what past, no matter what tomorrow, let's share it
That's why I'm beside you.

Aww... So beautiful!

Love so sweet so good

21 Anata - L'Arc~en~Ciel

I could feel that Hyde sings this song with all his heart and the band plays well.

This song is sound good!

Make me Remember him...

22 Ikimono Gakari - Sakura

Definitely the best and the most meaningful with an awesome melody and voice!
Ikimono Gakari rules!

I love this song very must. This song should be number 1! Ikimono Gakari's songs are very great!

Can't understand why it's not the best song?

Love this song, Ikimono Gakari rocks!.

23 Heavy Rotation - AKB48

Hey this song can cheer you up!

24 Shiver - The Gazette Shiver - The Gazette Cover Art

I love, love, love this song! First heard it on Kuroshitsuji II since it was the theme. Awesome song!

I vote this song

25 Lotus - Dir En Grey Lotus - Dir En Grey Cover Art

Dir en Grey's most dynamic song. I love it, its outstanding, beautiful lyrics and amazing instruments. It's a big step for Dir en Grey.

This is the great song... Never bored to listen it... I love dir en grey >. < and all of song

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