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41 Harukaze - Scandal
42 Tokyo - Yui

A simple melody and lyrics, but have a deeper mean. Every time I hear this song, I miss my hometown, my friends, and all of my memories!

I also save this song in all of my digital player. - langsung

I have 2 word for this song

The one

When I hear this song, nothing else my tear drop on my face
So beautifull... '-'v

I can describe nothing about it

43 Love Story - Amuro Namie

One of the best Japanese songs I've ever heard

44 Makenaide - Zard

I love this song so much! Fully recommended this song!

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45 Ikimono Gakari - Aruite Ikou
46 Mirai E - Kiroro

I love this song even if don't understand the lyrics

Should be on the top ten :(

A very nostalgic one.. like you can feel it.

Memories :(

47 100% Yuuki - NYC
48 Endless Tears - Maiko Nakamura
49 Dim Scene - The Gazette

As a Sixth gun, this song is so out-of-the-box for them! The violins at the beginning are just amazing! This and Nakigahara are great songs.

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50 Eternal Blaze - Nana Mizuki

This should be higher on the list. I love almost every Nana Mizuki's songs. She's one of the best Japanese female idols! Too bad the narutards only know her as 'HINATA KAWAII DESU~', they seriously can't appreciate her music. It really annoys me that people always identify her with anime... She's also a good singer, you know.

51 Filth In the Beauty - The Gazette
52 Endless Game - Arashi

I love the beat and arashi is just so perfect for me!

Loved it as soon as I heard it on 'Kazoku Game'.

I love arashi so much. The beat is so fantastic. 😍😍

53 River - AKB48
54 Alone In My Room - Hanah

Love this song! It is beautiful and very meaningful..HanaH's voice is very soulful! Not like most Japanese singers voices that sound like 5 year old girls! But this song deserves a GRAMMY!

55 Morai Naki - Yo Hitoto

Love this song! Don't understand why its rated so low... !

! This song is stuck in my head I love it! Very catchy

Nice! We had music like this in the untied States

Love this song!

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56 Rolling Star - Yui

One of best songs.

Bleach opening song. Absolutely one of the best song...

57 Dearest - Ayumi Hamasaki

In Inuyasha, Kagome and him are so lovable and sweet I love you Ayumi!

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58 Sobakasu - Judy and Mary

This is my favorite song forever and ever

59 Nogizaka46 - Shakiism

I love the lyrics so bad, but I love the music video more

60 Aitai Kimochi - Hanah

This is one of the best Japanese songs ever by HanaH she is truly talented and I love hiw she doesn't sound like a little 5 year old girl like most Japanese singers her voice is so soulful and she can speak English!

! I love this song! It sounds so good beat, her voice, and everything!

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