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61 Blue Bird - Ikimono Gakari

My third favourite song after sakura and Mai kuraki's bestfriend

62 One Love - Arashi
63 Detox - -Oz-

This band and this song is incredible

64 Secret Base - Scandal

Beautiful song too

65 02 - Orange Range

What's so great about this song is that every time I listen to it, I am reminded of Code Geass. It feels epic.

My favourite line:
"I continue to fight! I CONTINUE TO FIGHT! "

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66 My Friend - Zard
67 Reila - The Gazette
68 Pledge - The Gazette
69 ∞Loop - Heidi

Maid sama ed 2

70 Sakura No Ame - Halopsy

An extremely touching song about graduating and going seperate ways, but we'll never forget about each other. It's even sung at graduation ceremonies at some schools in Japan. Beautiful lyrics, beautiful melody, beautiful voice, beautifully written, and beautiful song in whole.

71 Hero - Super Junior
72 Manatsu No Sounds Good - AKB48

Such an energetic and cute song!

73 For You - Mariko Takahashi

That good old school Japanese music!

74 Dragon Soul - Takayoshi Tanimoto

I don't quite listen to a lot of Japanese music, but this one is just amazing! I recommend everyone to listen to this song. (even if I don't understand it)

75 Beautiful - Ayaka

This song will make you cry it's so beautiful...ayaka is so talented! This song's title really describes what this song is..Very Beautiful! I strongly recommend!

76 Style - Nishino Kana
77 Kimitte - Nishino Kana
78 Amaku Kiken Na Kaori - Tatsuro Yamashita
79 Hotaru - Yo Hitoto
80 Colors - Flow
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