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81 Magia - Kalafina

One of my favorites from them! Kalafina is wonderful

One of my favourite songs from that soundtrack

82 Nishino Kana - Wishing

This song is absolutely beautiful ;w; the lyrics have a lot of meaning to it and play this song on osu! It's so good!

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83 Cha-La Head-Cha-La - Flow
84 Tears - x Japan
85 Ue Wo Muite Arukou - Kyu Sakamoto
86 Hero - Flow
87 Arashi - Niji

Just a sweet song from Ninomiya. it makes me learn piano.

88 Sangatsu Kokonoka - Remioromen

Let's face it. This song is huge. Have you ever watched 1 liter of tears without crying to this song? Ryota's voice is so soothing. Oh god. I can feel winter, fall and spring only by listening to this beautiful song.5 stars.

89 Moments - Ayumi Hamasaki
90 Sunao Na Niji - Surface

Also the 4th ending on naruto shippuden.
This song is very emotional and he sings with such passion.
This should be considered in the top 10 songs.

91 Tick Tack - U-Kiss

Hey, this song is really cool and addictive
Once you listen, you will never get bored!
I listen to this song not because of the but because of this song! This make you dance! Watch the mv and you will amaze with their dance, so what are you waiting for?
Try to listen to this song

92 Brightdown - Nami Tamaki

Best Rock Song in the world!

Oh wow, this is surprisingly really really good. 10/10!

93 Stand by Me - Anna Tsuchiya

Usually Anna Tsuchiya is heard singing Hard Rock and innapropriate songs but stand by me is one of her more emotional and ballad type songs its simply beautiful!

94 To the Beginning - Kalafina

It's a wonderful song and it surprises me that they are so low on the list... They have much better songs, though

95 Aisaretakute Aishitai Dake - Hanah

Wow I love this song its literally one of the best Japanese songs I've ever heard! Its about someone wanting to be loved and to love someone and it's sounds nice with a soft r&b/pop sound...HanaH is a genius for writing this song because these lyrics are exactly what most people need to hear when wanting to have someone to love :-, )

96 Kimi No Koe - Nishino Kana feat. Verbal
97 Aitakute Aitakute - Nishino Kana
98 Tatoe Donani - Nishino Kana
99 Eden - Aqua Timez
100 Yui Horie - Orange

Song is from Toradora! Ending 2.

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