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101 Take Me Away - Sotte Bosse
102 Dive to Blue - L'arc~en~Ciel V 1 Comment
103 My Sweet Baby - One Ok Rock

Listen it then you will be melt my baby

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104 Aitakute Ima - Misia
105 Candy Girl - Hitomi
106 Art of Life - X Japan

I love it! It's 30 minutes long but they are well spent! I love that piano solo.

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107 Asu wa Date na no ni, Ima Sugu Koe ga Kikitai - S/mileage
108 Mada Ue wo - Arashi
109 Lucifer (JP) - SHINee
110 Aishiteru - Kourin
111 Suki Ni Natte, Yokatta - Izumi Kato

No comments needed, just listen

112 Flying Get - AKB48
113 Yes Forever - Misia

Beautiful is the best word to describe this song! And even though its in Japanese you'll find yourself in the moment just thinking about the person you love and the beat is on point! And after MISIA says yes forever she hits the cutest note ever! ^_^ great r&b LOVE song!

114 Hajimari No Toki - Ayaka

Wow is the best word to describe this beautiful piece of music!

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115 Mama E - AI

I love this song and when you listen to it you'll instantly start thinking if your mom and you're relationship with your mother and how much you love her this song is simply beautiful...and be careful you might cry if you listen to it! ^_^

116 Love - Kagiri Aru Jikan Ga Owaru Mae Ni - Hanah

Love this song! Can't get enough of HanaH found out about her on here! She sounds soulful!

117 Sakura Mankai - Morning Musume
118 Royal Chocolate Flush - Misia

! This song is so sexy and fun I get up and dance whenever I hear it and it will make you crave chocolate when you watch the music video! ^_^

119 Wired Life - Meisa Kuroki
120 Fantasy - Chara
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