Top Ten Best Japanese Words to Say In a Anime Convention

Just some cute Japanese words to say in a convention.
The Top Ten
Senpai (Superior, Elder, Senior)

Very common in anime.:3 - SamuiNeko

Arigatou (Thank You)
Nani (What?)

Nonon Jakuzure: Nani sore?! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Kokoro (Heart, Spirit)

Use it like this:My kokoro is going Doki Doki! (My heart is beating! ) - SamuiNeko

Kawaii (Cute)

Anata wa tottemo kawaii da ne!

Anime (Animation)

Anime is actually a Japanese word for animation...ignored fact. - SamuiNeko

Otaku (People With Obvious Interest)

I typed in otaku on google translator and it came out with geek. I laughed so hard. That probably was the highlight of my day.

It also means fangirls or fan boys.:D - SamuiNeko

So de Su Ne (It Explains the Matter)
Yoshi (Fantastic)
Baka (Idiot)
The Contenders
Yatta (I Did It!)

Hentai means pervert, right? - Crystalsnow

Hentai solves all my problems, One time I was robbed at gunpoint and the gringos tried taking all my money, I was able to beat them up, but only just, so I went back home to my desert shack to watch hentai, and I felt better. Now I'm gonna make those gringos pay for trying to rob me. Thank goodness Trump is gonna build a wall to keep the gringos out and protect my people 🇲🇽

Oishii (Delicious)
Kowai (Scary)
Ochinchin (Penis)

Orewa Ochinchin ga Daisuki nandayo! - Not_A_Weeaboo

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