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1 Every Kind of Drummer

One of his funniest videos and one of my favorite stuff by him. I like Jared very much. - Metal_Treasure

2 Suicide Silence - "Doris" (reaction)

I how he admits he likes the song even though he was the one who turned it into a joke - christangrant


3 Deathcore VS Death Metal

One of his best metal videos because it's pretty accurate yet still funny. I love how he actually admits death metal wins even though he himself is a deathcore musician. - Metal_Treasure

4 10 Styles of Metal

Jared is my favorite metal youtuber but... umm, these 2 videos are probably my least favorite by him because they are very misleading. They are funny though.
The problem is that he called the videos "Metal" when he did mostly punk (core) types of vocals - hardcore/punk, post hardcore, beatdown, metalcore, deathcore, grindcore, aliencore (? ), and several more "core" and "grind" subgenres.
He also did non-existing "metal" genres, such as redneck metal, party metal, Christian metal, southern metal, etc.
In fact he demonstrated only 4-5 metal styles, I remember black metal, death metal, power metal, thrash metal. And he wasn't convincing - his thrash vocals didn't sound like thrash at all.
However, the video is fun to watch. Just keep in mind that most of the vocal styles aren't actually metal styles and the ones that are metal don't sound exactly like he presented them. - Metal_Treasure

5 Josh are You Excited for Tour?!
6 Rest, Repose Tour
7 Drummers on Drugs

This is one of his funniest videos, in my opinion. - Metal_Treasure

8 One Guy, 15 Voices (Metal Rendition)
9 Metal VS Metalcore
10 Guitarists on Drugs

Is it wrong that I look like the meth guitarist in the video when I'm playing but I don't actually do drugs? - WheresMyGuitarPick

He's my favorite metal YouTuber..StevieT is good too but he's way better. - Ananya

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11 Every Type of Breakdown
12 45 Ways to Get a New Guitar
13 11 Types of Drummers Playing Classic Songs
14 10 Ways to Hold a Guitar (For Beginners)
15 Every Kind of Guitar Solo
16 10 Types of Fans at Shows
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1. 10 Styles of Metal
2. Suicide Silence - "Doris" (reaction)
3. Every Kind of Drummer
1. Every Kind of Drummer
2. Deathcore VS Death Metal
3. Drummers on Drugs


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