Best Jay Sean Albums

The Top Ten

1 Neon Neon Product Image

Wow best lyrics and good songs album it

Very too much good it and best album it...

Nice album it

Love this album and Jay sean.

2 All or Nothing All or Nothing Product Image

Greatest songs album it...
Very too much Best and good it.

3 Freeze Time

Best and good

It is a best album all time.

Very too much nice album it


4 The Mistress II

This album really amazing. Very too much Greatest and best and good and nice...

Good lyrically songs album it

Best Songs album it..

Top of the list it all time. Very too much Best album it.

5 My Own Way My Own Way Product Image
6 Me Against Myself Me Against Myself Product Image
7 The Mistress I
8 The Best of Jay Sean
9 So High (Japan Edition)
10 Hit the Lights (Japan Edition)

The Contenders

11 Deal with It
12 Itunes Live: London Festival '08
13 Hit the Lights (India Tour Edition)
14 So High
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