Best Jeff Gutt Performances On The X Factor

What Is In Your Opinion The Best Performance Of Jeff Gutt?

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1 Hallelujah

Best Vocal version of this iconic song I have ever heard, and I have heard performed by a dozen or more artists.

Just loved his version of the song and amazing vocal ability.

Yes! His arrangement is the Best ever! Jeff also has a video to this song, very talented human, Rock On, Jeff!

I loved this song! It is so strong. It made me cry.

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2 Dream On

As Jeff himself stated this was his favorite performance as he was out to show everyone what they would see in the future.

It Is Absolutely The Best.. Amazing Vocal

Incredible Performance.. Just Wow

I can listen it all day. Jeff is an amazing artist.

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3 Feeling Good

Powerful vocals with amazing control. Was torn between this and Dream On, but the falsetto at the end of this... Pure magic! I've downloaded everything I could find of Jeff's, and can't wait for more from this master of music.

All Jeff's performances were awesome. I loved the energy he put into this song.

ALWAYS feeling good when listening to Jeff singing this song. I hope he will sing the whole song someday and include this to his album. thank you Jeff.

I loved ���" this song! Hi sing with ❤

4 Demons


5 Bohemian Rhapsody

Excellent it was fantastic performance! His voices powerfully and unique.I love ❤ Jeff Gutt

6 O Holy Night

It's amazing how Jeff can make each performance incredibly powerful in the perfect way.

Chills of course most of his songs do that to me and they didn't list Open Arms

7 Without You

This was so powerful. Gives me chills every time!

He sang this with a lot of power. Every time I hear him sing, I get chills. Great vocals he has. Like, WOW!

Never hear this song but Jeff sing this song 🎶 it was incredible voice and interpretation amazing!

8 Grace
9 Creep

Wow - I've played this one over and over more than any of the others... The arrangement is so magical... Jeff's voice is so mesmerizing and expressive... I prefer watching the YouTube video (rather than just audio) because I can experience ALL the magic. I also think Jeff's rendition is much better than Radiohead's.

10 Try

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11 Say You Say Me


12 Daniel
13 Just Died In Your Arms
14 Open Arms

One of his best vocal performances. It should of been available 2 buy on iTunes.

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