Best Jefferson Airplane Songs

There is already a list with Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship songs made by westofohio. (By the way, his lists are amazing and very very interesting, I respect a lot this guy. ) However, in westophohio's list there are mostly Jefferson Starship songs, with a few exceptions of Jefferson Airplane songs. This is a list exclusively with Jefferson Airplane songs. I must warn you though, that I didn't include 'White Rabbit' here, because I simply don't view it as one of the best songs of this band. I suspect that many of you disagree, so, if you consider it sacrilege, of course and you can add White Rabbit to this list! Add every Jefferson Airplane song that you think that is one of their best.

The Top Ten

1 White Rabbit

I cry when my mind is listening this song in Woodstock 69 Festival. One pill takes you larger, to ask Alice!

Yeah man you got put this at number 1 NOW

I have vivid memories of hearing this song for the first time. It blew my mind. RIP Paul Kantner. - PetSounds

2 Somebody to Love

White Rabbit will be the one song Grace Slick will be remembered for. But, she sang Somebody to Love with every bit of emotion she had. One to remember as well.

I don’t know what it is, but something makes me love this song. - NightmareCinema


3 Freedom
4 High Flyin' Bird
5 Now Is the Time
6 Star Track
7 Today
8 It's Alright
9 Watch Her Ride
10 Lather

The Newcomers

? Wooden Ships

The Contenders

11 Eat Starch Mom
12 Panda
13 In Time
14 Greasy Heart
15 Volunteers

Really? Seventeen? Definitely in their top 10.

How did they not have this, volunteers is my favorite

Come on this should be in top 5! - Toucan

16 Comin' Back to Me
17 Have You Seen the Saucers
18 Martha
19 Plastic Fantastic Lover
20 We Can Be Together
21 Crown of Creation
22 Go to Her
23 If You Feel
24 Embryonic Journey
25 The Ballad of You & Me & Pooneil
26 Eskimo Blue Day
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