Best Jeffree Star Songs

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1 Lollipop Luxury

Awesome beat and lyrics are amazing.

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2 Blow Me

A tracks from Mr. Diva which has an awesome official lyric video.

3 Blush!

Blush is an awesome track by star with amazing lyrics and sounds in it.

4 Beauty Killer

The title track of the album beauty killer.

5 Love to My Cobain

The latest single by Jeffree star.

6 Legs Up
7 Kiss It Better

The lyrics are really inspiring and this is the first star's pop song its awesome.

8 Bitch, Please!

The song from Beauty killer is amazing.

9 Prisoner

This should be #1 its one of the best songs ever! - BryVonMonroe

Yess love it! - BryVonMonroe

10 Boom Boom Pow

The track is amazing mostly played in parties. The new version of black eye peas by Jeffree is simply "Mind Blowing".

The Contenders

11 Oh My God!

The song is amazing especially the lyrics are awesome.

12 Get Away With Murder
13 Prom Night
14 Party Crusher
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