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1 The Rosses Get Real

It's funny when Jessie try's to wake Bertram up - ear split

Best episode EVER! I peed my pants laughing.

This was so cool I love it

Yay good

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2 World Wide Web of Lies

This one was ok but I did laugh

I didn't like this one at all

3 Badfellas V 1 Comment
4 A Doll's Outhouse

I would vote this number 1 because it is scary and just genius.

Bertram in the dreams is hilarious

I loved it

Nice baby ow ya please die suck u babies nanananananana oaoalala

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5 We Are So Grounded

I just totally love this episode!

CAN'T Believe they went all the way to Indonesia, I mean like not in the set, but Indonesia is hardly never mention in Disney! #jessielover #ilovedisneysitcoms



6 Gotcha Day

It is really cute and great for adopted children to see

So great! It was so sweet when the family hug happened.

This episode is super sweet - Lilybethrocks

7 The Whining

The point is for it to be a parody. I loved it so much. The only thing that was missing was when Jonny wrote a specific sentence in his story over and over again,jessie could have done the same.

Please. This was just a rip off of the classic movie, "The Shining".

So spooky and funny all mixed together

This episode was first I thought that Jessie was actually possessed by a ghost.
It totally freaked me out! At the end the ghost was real! I was like! What I didn't like about the episode was that there was the ghost at the end but it never came in any other episode.But the episode was really creepy!

8 The Secret Life of Mr Kipling V 1 Comment
9 Trashin' Fashion

This is by far THE best episode and my personal favourite

Were is the creepy connie trilogy

"baby on board " very cute!


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10 Beauty and the Beasts

I love the lab experiment going on with Bertram

This is not funny. Suri annoys me so much and Lindsay is a brat

Zuri is cute when she sings 😃

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11 Zombie Tea Party 5

I laughed so hard at this episode I loved it when jessie puts the girl helmet on luke

12 Kids Don't Wanna Be Shunned

Rosie - I will always be there for you Emma.
Brim - Rosie come on!
Rosie - gotta go Emma!
*emma falls*

The best such a classic episode

This one is so entertaining and fun!

No explanation it is definitely #1

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13 Cattle Calls & Scary Walls

I think this episode is really good and cute! It is even funny.

14 Why Do Foils Fail

Aw... no explanation it's gotta be #1 I LOVE IT

Love this one!

I'm sorry, but Jessie's song to Tony was so cringeworthy. I do love the show though.

15 101 Lizards
16 New York New Nanny V 1 Comment
17 Jessie's Big Break

This was my most favorite episode of Jessie ever because it really truly shows Jessie the nanny almost chasing her dream and this was another one of my favourite Disney Channel shows and I really truly remember seeing every episode or a lot of episodes which were all good episodes beginning to end which I really truly did see from beginning to end.

Just love it love it love it love it love it love it... wait how much was that. Oh 4 love it

Maia Mitchell was best. And bertram get chased by an animal

It was nice especially when turned out that mcdihh was actually some one else who I have no idea about since his name was so long

18 We Don't Need No Stinking Badges
19 Tempest in a Teacup

Jessie and tony had one wacky quest!

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20 Zuri's New Old Friend

Had a good message and was one of the better episodes and the subplot was funny

It was dead funn whenever that playground dinosaur fell apart, especially at the end and Kippling.

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