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21 What a Steal
22 The Jessie-nator: Grudgement Day

I like action. So this one was good.

23 Creepy Connie Comes a Callin'

They made a South Park reference by saying, "She killed Kenny the koala! " - Popsicles

24 Creepy Connie 3: The Creepening

This should be in the top 10 it was very creepy. When I finished watching the episode I got freaked out.

This should be number 1. It was so funny when Connie tied them all to the chairs and tried to marry Luke.

I love this 1

25 Used Karma

Although it was a bit racist how Ravi kept going on about karma, I liked how he got his own back on his brother for being mean! And the subplot with Tony and Jessie was also funny.

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26 G.I. Jessie
27 The Runaway Bride of Frankenstein
28 Creepy Connie's Curtain Call


29 Jessie Goes To Hollywood

It is so sad that Jessie is leaving but then again she came to New York to become an actress this is the best episode

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30 Good Luck Jessie

Funny how zuri and teddy stole a reindeer

I love how...
P.J and teddy are in it
its funny at the end when teddy plays her video diary and it explains everything

31 But Africa is so...Fari

I didn't like this one I felt bad for jessie when she got humiliated

32 The Kid Whisperer

Ravi is the funniest in this. Jessie isn't funny she isn't good at acting.

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33 Glue Dunnit: A Sticky Situation

I like mysteries, so obviously I like this one. For me it's really funny. One reason I may like it is because it was one of the first episodes of Jessie I watched.

34 Spaced Out

I love space and I love the part where ivan talks about hurdling towards the sun.
it was very funny I liked this episode a lot

35 Help Not Wanted
36 Between The Swoon And New York City
37 No Money Mo' Problems
38 Hoedown Showdown

This episode cracks me up, especially Karan Brar And Stefani Scott

39 There Goes The Bride
40 Driving Miss Crazy

It's funny. My favorite part was when I saw Jessie's licenice.

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