Best Jimmy Page Guitar Moments

The riff king is just about as well known as it gets and these are his crowning achievements. Just to be clear this list covers everything guitar that he has played in his career (intros, solos, riffs etc.).

The Top Ten

1 Stairway to Heaven Solo

From the solo till the end, I would say its one of the greatest moments in rock history. At first the solo, the backing guitar, the high-pitched singing of Robert Plant, the riffs, the drumming. Even the ride cymbal beats were very good. - zxm

2 Since I've Been Loving You Intro
3 Kashmir Riff

Monster riff. - zxm

4 Black Dog Riff
5 Heartbreaker Solo

I saw a video on YouTube. Said it was the best solo of his. It was amazing. How he leaned and held his guitar on top of his head and played the solo. "jimmy page's best solo". That technique was something. - zxm

6 Dazed and Confused (All of it)

Added it especially because of the violin bow part.

Update: Hmm, looks like the item changed. - zxm

7 Good Times Bad Times Solo
8 Achilles Last Stand Solo and Riff
9 Babe I'm Gonna Leave You Acoustic Riff
10 Whole Lotta Love Riff

The Contenders

11 The Ocean Riff
12 Moby Dick Intro
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