Top Ten Jobs Father Christmas Could Be Doing for the Rest of the Year

The Top Ten

1 Sniper

You just wouldn't expect such a jolly old soul to do this for a living... Would you?


2 Drug Baron

He could smuggle the goods over any customs in the world, dropping them off at select houses... - beatles

3 Pimp

Using the grotto for immoral purposes, Santa... ? - Britgirl

I'll never see that jolly old lump in the same way ever again. And when I have children, who pester me about Santa coming, I won't see them in the same way either. - PositronWildhawk

4 Baliff

No sooner than he delivered his gifts, he'd be taken them away again. Bad Santa! - Britgirl

5 Prison Officer
6 Traffic Warden

Hmm... OK to leave his sleigh AND reindeer on the ROOF but you can't park your Mini Cooper on double yellow lines, no sir. Tsk! - Britgirl

7 Tax Inspector
8 Dentist

This won't hurt a bit... Hohoho! - Britgirl

9 Strip Club Owner
10 Porn Star

How fat is he?
oh wait what decade am I in? Sorry.

"Hey, Santa! Haven't I seen you somewhere before... ? " - Britgirl

He'd be useless. Santa only comes once a year... :P - Britgirl

Already got the 'stache down.

The Contenders

11 TopTenner

This would be Awesome - Curti2594

12 YouTuber

I bet his Catch phrase would be I'll know who's been good this year by whom ever Subscribes & Give my HO HO HO Youtube Videos a Thumbs up!

You'll be on Santa's Naughty List if you don't watch his videos!

Oh and he'll make a How to Train a Reindeer Video - Curti2594

13 Surgeon
14 Blacksmith
15 Rapper
16 Comedian
17 Judge
18 Bouncer
19 Teacher
20 DJ
21 Professional Sumo Fighter
22 Cat Burglar

Using his chimney-climbing skills to rob houses, then redistributing the loot every Christmas! - beatles

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