Top 10 Loudest Jobs

Some jobs risk hearing loss, which can be permanent. Along with that, tinnitus also occurs, meaning their ears are left ringing.
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The Top Ten
1 Military Personnel

They have guns which put them to as much as 180 dB and explosions also put them at risk of hearing loss.

2 NASA Employees

They watch rocket launches from just a few miles away, meaning they're exposed hundreds of decibels (like 120 or between 130 & 140), putting them at risk of permanent hearing loss each time. Yet the blastoff is felt as much as (or more) than heard, so there's more to it all. Yet we haven't seen them wearing hearing protection, all of which makes matters worse.

3 Airport Mashalls

They're exposed to as much as 140 dB as they're 32 meters from planes taking off. They look out where planes should go.

4 Entertainment Managers

The staff of entertainment venues like concerts, nightclubs, etc, can be exposed to as much as 115 dB, putting them at risk of hearing loss. Just 28.8 seconds of that would damage your hearing forever.

5 Sports Car Racers

The cars are 135 dB from the inside at full power & the drivers are inside it, so unprotected drivers are at risk of permanently hearing loss after just 270 milliseconds.

6 Construction Workers

They're exposed to hundreds of decibels from drills, saws, jackhammers, etc, all of which mean hearing loss for them.

7 Fashion Models

In any occasion there's a show, they experience the full power of the blasting EDM & cheering crowds more than even the fashion designers themselves do & a runway walk takes quite a good number of seconds. 115 dB for just 28.8 seconds risks permanent hearing loss. There's more to modeling than just looks & poses.

8 Pop/Rock Stars

They can experience hundreds of dB (commonly 110) as they perform, which means permanent hearing loss after around just 1 minute 30 seconds & the gigs can go on for hours, making it all worse. Hearing protection is very important.

9 Teachers

They have to deal with noisy students as well as fire drills (which involve fire alarms going off) & rallies, all of which mean anywhere between 85 & 100 dB & the job happens every work day.

10 Agriculture Workers

They work for agriculture which involves using loud power tools & even vehicles like tractors, which can expose them up to 106 dB, enough to cause permanent hearing damage in just 3 minutes.

The Contenders
11 Fashion Designers

They work fashion shows (which compare to many other types of gigs in such levels) & they even come up in front of the runways to end the shows, meaning they're exposed to hundreds of decibels, yet even backstage it packs quite a punch.