Best Joe Satriani Albums

The Top Ten

1 Surfing With the Alien

When I hear this album it actually makes me feel like I'm surfing with a alien. The music is like magic - Sabbath

2 The Extremist

In my humble opinion I think so, every man to his own taste. "The extremist" -1

3 Crystal Planet

Ceremony,Crystal Planet and Love Thing are 3 great tracks in this Album.

4 Flying In a Blue Dream

The best, of all top 15 Satriani's albums

5 Unstoppable Momentum
6 Not of This Earth
7 Is There Love In Space?
8 Joe Satriani
9 One Big Rush: The Genius of Joe Satriani
10 Strange Beautiful Music

The Contenders

11 Black Swans & Wormhole Wizards
12 Shockwave Supernova
13 Time Machine
14 Engines of Creation
15 Super Colossal
16 Professor Satchafunkilus & Musterion of Rock
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