Top 10 Best Joey Belladonna Vocal Performances


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1 In the End

Now here it really does sound like Anthrax wanted to be both a Groove Metal and a Power Metal band, It's because in this song which is a tribute to two metal gods, Dimebag Darrell and Ronnie James Dio and to pay respect for them they decided to mix Groove Metal with Power Metal esc vocals into the mix and Belladonna surely did a great job by far here, his vocals here make the song stand out more and feels like a Dio song with Pantera doing the music. It's amazing that this time he was around 50 years old and still sounded just like he used to but I'd even say he sounds better here than pretty much all the stuff from the 80s. - christangrant

2 Neon Knights

This is a Dio era Black Sabbath cover, Joey in this song does a great job here, his vocals here sounds almost just like the metal god's golden voice. - christangrant

3 Blood Eagle Wings

Ever since Belladonna returned to Anthrax, his vocals got much better and they fit with the music more, I'm not saying the 80's albums are bad but Belladonna's vocals for me didn't fit with the thrash instrumentation. - christangrant

4 Breathing Lightning

If Anthrax decided to make a Power Metal album they would probably nail it just right. - christangrant

5 Fight 'Em Til You Can't

A song where even the backing vocalists do a great job. - christangrant

6 Carry on Wayward Son

This is a Kansas cover, at times I thought I was listening to the original song, which proves two things, 1. Anthrax are excellent at covers, 2. Joey Belladonna is a good singer. - christangrant

7 Madhouse

Pretty much every track on Spreading the Disease Belladonna does a good job, however for me his vocals didn't match the music and sounded a bit out of place (that is why I liked S.O.D's album more) but this song is the exception since the music here is not thrash but more like Trad Heavy Metal and Belladonna vocals fit here. - christangrant

8 Belly of the Beast

My favorite Anthrax song, vocals are good not the best he's done but one of the reasons this song is great. They should have combined this song and Intro to Reality into an 8 minute epic. - christangrant

9 Keep It in the Family
10 The Devil You Know

The Contenders

11 A.I.R.
12 Gung-Ho
13 Lone Justice
14 Got the Time
15 Antisocial
16 Indians
17 Caught in a Mosh
18 Evil Twin
19 Armed and Dangerous
20 I'm Alive
21 Revolution Screams
22 The Constant
23 Earth on Hell
24 Jailbreak
25 T.N.T.
26 Smokin'
27 Zero Tolerance
28 Monster at the End
29 You Gotta Believe
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