Top Ten John Barry Film Scores

One of James Bond's most important people during its early years, here are the greatest scores composed by John Barry (1933-2011).

The Top Ten

1 You Only Live Twice
2 Out of Africa

Most haunting, beautiful score ever written for motion pictures,
Capturing both the sheer immensity of Africa, and the love of the country and each other -- Meryl Streep's Danish countess, and her lover, a famed British big game hunter, played by Robert Redford. If you don't reach for a kleenex during the flight over the massive African plain, you're missing a pulse.

3 Goldfinger
4 The Ipcress File
5 On Her Majesty's Secret Service

The main theme is the most exciting, powerful, atmospheric piece of action music ever written and when coupled to the heartbreaking melody of We Have all the time in the world as well as all the cues in between this soundtrack must be one of the best ever to meld music and film together. It is not only the melodies but the fantastic arrangements and production that sets this music apart

6 Moonraker
7 Dances With Wolves

I can't believe this isn't Number One. I especially love the opening titles theme and Two Socks' theme. I cry when I hear it because of how powerfully it tells the story of the Native Americans and how they were unfairly treated by the white men. One of my favorite films and film soundtracks of all time!

8 The Man With the Golden Gun
9 Body Heat
10 Midnight Cowboy

The Contenders

11 Somewhere in Time
12 Diamonds Are Forever
13 Indecent Proposal
14 King Kong
15 Octopussy
16 Peggy Sue Got Married
17 The Day of the Locust
18 Masquerade
19 Mercury Rising
20 Enigma
21 The Lion in Winter
22 Frances
23 Black Hole
24 Chaplin
25 Across the Sea of Time
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1. You Only Live Twice
2. Out of Africa
3. Goldfinger
1. Moonraker
2. You Only Live Twice
3. Diamonds Are Forever


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