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1 You're the Voice

John Farnham's best song that let us cry our voices in our hearts!

Awesome song, incredible voice this guy. - Metal_Treasure

Vice City FM. :D - Gehenna

2 Burn for You
3 The Way
4 Sadie
5 Pressure Down
6 Thunder In Your Heart
7 Help
8 Age of Reason
9 One
10 Everytime You Cry

The Contenders

11 Something
12 Playing to Win
13 When Something Is Wrong With My Baby (With Jimmy Barnes)
14 Two Strong Hearts
15 That's Freedom
16 A Touch of Paradise
17 Chain Reaction
18 Sometimes
19 When the War Is Over

This Cold Chisel cover was originally recored when Farnham was he lead singer of The Little River Band. Cold Chisel's drummer and songwriter of this classic song Steve Prestwich, joined LRB not much after Cold Chisel broke up. Farnham automatically fell for this song and made it his own..

20 Comic Converstation
21 Friday Kind of Monday
22 Please Don't Ask Me
23 Don't You Know It's Magic
24 Looking Through a Tear
25 No Ordinary World
26 Reasons
27 A Simple Life
28 Have a Little Faith In Us
29 Talk of the Town
30 We Two

One of Farnham's best Little River Band moments

31 Everything Is Out of Season
32 Only Women Bleed

An unexpected Alice Cooper cover

33 Angels
34 The Man of the Hour
35 Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
36 247365
37 One Perfect Day
38 Take You Back

A track of Anthology 3 Rarities. Just Beautiful

39 We Will Rock You
40 Down On the Border
41 All Our Sons and Daughters
42 The Time Has Come
43 Seemed Like a Good Idea (At the Time)
44 Rolling Home
45 Always the Same
46 Beyond the Call
47 The Reason Why
48 Keep Talking
49 Infatuation
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1. You're the Voice
2. Age of Reason
3. Burn for You
1. You're the Voice
2. Burn for You
3. The Way


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