Best John Foxx Songs

The Top Ten

1 No-One Driving

No-One Driving my life! when I'm singing this.

2 Underpass

Better than No-One Driving
get that song out, it sucks!

3 Europe After the Rain

Could be the worst song here. - CedreticFomento

4 Metal Beat
5 Mr No
6 Plaza
7 New Kind of Man
8 Burning Car

Beautiful track.

this song gotta' be! Yeah, it gotta' be!

9 He's a Liquid
10 Dancing Like a Gun

Next time do a much interesting list, I mean no offense but this seems a bit lame compared with other previous lists about ''Best Songs'' maybe I could complain only about this songs. because this singer or band it's not just for me. - CedreticFomento

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