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1 Looking for Alaska

Love the friendships.. and every girl in the world will want to be as passionate and beautiful inside and out as Alaska Young. I love the love miles feels for her even though they are so different. Like the part where he says that he was rain and she was a hurricane,90 miles an hour one second and the next still and asleep.

This book and storyline will stay with me forever, the characters now well known friends. I've also read the fault in our stars which is a close second to this, but nothing can beat the friendship between pudge and the colonel and the great perhaps that is Alaska young

I personally enjoyed this book because I can relate in a way. I drink and smoke and am only fifteen, and was absolutely devastated when Alaska died. I thought before lead to pudge and her dating. for about a month I thought to ask John Green to rewrite another version of the book, but then realized that this book couldn't be the way it is unless it naturally is. This is one of my favorite books. I have read it 5 times and am in the process of reading a sixth... I recommend any one who is willing to read a fantastic book to read it.

If you can get past the numerous sexual scenes, this book is pure brilliance. Honestly one of the only books that I couldn't put down. - Solacress

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2 The Fault In Our Stars

PURE AMAZING, this book is just beautifully written... All his books are good and this one is my favourite but the problem is that his stories don't have a heavy storyline, like how can Hazel with lung cancer go to some random BOY'S home without knowing him... Even though I have endless criticism for him he is the most amazing author, this is the most perfect job for him. Even though the books don't make much of a STORY there is some magic in him which makes you JUST LOVE his books. I think he should be a director because unlike a scriptwriter he can't come up with an amazing story but he can format it in such a beautiful way that even his books which don't make much sense when you come to think of it, they are just BEAUTIFUL sorry if you got annoyed by this review but this is an honest review by one of his biggest fans who appreciates his work and gives honest reviews. Please read this it's for your benefit of knowing what ALL John Green books are all about!

This book is as amazing as it is heartbreaking. While Looking for Alaska is a great book, this one deserves to be number one. The story line is beautiful and you can't help but fall in love with the characters immediately. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a book to cry, laugh, and obsess over. Once you pick it up, you won't be able to put it down until the very end. And when you do put it down, and everything is over, you will be bawling, I promise. This book is super meaningful and it taught me many things. Thank you John Green for everything. Your books have inspired me and your characters were my best friends when I was going through tough times. You are a GENIUS!

Its just so beautiful, you can never imagine something like this happening in real life, but the book makes you believe. That's what I love about it, John Green is so amazing and this was the first one of his books I read in year 5, I didn't get all of it then, I still don't and I don't think I ever will, and that's how I like it.

I love his books!

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3 Paper Towns

Paper towns is definitely very influential to those who read it. Q and Margo has expressed words that will make you think through life and everything. Definitely worth reading.

I fell in love with margo as soon as heard herd about her. There are characters you can real-ate to. Paper Towns can make you laugh, cry, and all things in between. Paper Towns is my favorite John Green book, by far.

Paper towns is one of the best books I've ever read. John Green really understands the way teenagers think and the struggles and insecurities they battle through.

This book has everything!
The amount of expressions used in this book is beyond amzing!.

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4 Will Grayson, Will Grayson

I loved how I could relate to the depression of Will Grayson and to the circumstances of the other Will. It screams 21st century ordinary life, perfectly describing chronicles of different teenagers throughout the story. Must read for when you don't want to read conventional or unconventional love stories and just want to read that one book that might make you feel better.

I love this book.

5 An Abundance of Katherines

It may be because it was the first one I read of the John Green books but it is definitely my total favorite It is an adventure like with paper towns, you will fall in love with the characters like in looking for Alaska, it is an unexpected ending like in the fault in our stars, and it is a very funny book like will Grayson Will Grayson. And right after An abundance of Katherines 2nd place is will Grayson will Grayson.

An all around amazing book. I love all John Green books, but this one just stood out. It shows a very interesting, complex way of thinking that may be difficult for some to understand; I, however, found it intriguing. Not to mention how funny Hassan was.

How is this amazing book below Will Grayson Will Grayson? This is actually written by John Green, Will Grayson Will Grayson isn't a proper Green book, it's a collaboration. An Abundance Of Katherines is a perfect line between romance and comedy.

A very underrated novel by him, but I absolutely love it ❤️❤️

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6 Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romances

It's my favourite book in the world

I red books about lot of books I like


The best romance stories ever.must read it.i totally love it.its my favorite novel.

7 Turtles All the Way Down

Such a thought provoking and beautiful story about an important issue.

Turtles all the Way Down show how Aza Holmes is trapped in her own head, and there's nothing she can do. She can't even fight it. It's just this little voice in her head, that forces her to do its bidding and there's Nothing. She. Can. Do. Her best friend starts to hate her, she can't even kiss a boy properly without feeling disgusted, but still she pushes on, not because of courage, but because there's nothing else she can dp.

I love this book, it keeps John Green's classic style in tact... I need more Green

Absolutely beautiful. so thought provoking and the strongest characters I've read for a while.

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8 Zombicorns

Not john green - Solacress

9 The War for Banks Island

Not john green - Solacress

10 This Star Won't Go Out: The Life and Words of Esther Grace Earl

Not john green - Solacress

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11 Double On-Call and Other Stories
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