Best Johnny Cash Covers


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1 Hurt

We all know this one. - Alpha101

The best Johnny cash song of all time. - Jackamalio

2 Heart of Gold

While I do agree that the original is better, Cash comes very close. - Alpha101

3 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

I believe that this is even more heartbreaking than the original. - Alpha101

4 In My Life

This got my vote - of course, for the out-of-key singing... Alpha101, your comment is accurate but I didn't expect to see the last several words, LOL ("with him singing out of key"). But it made my day! - Metal_Treasure

While I don't think anything can beat the original, Cash made it much more sad and nastalgic, with his low voice, and with him singing out of key. - Alpha101

5 I Hung My Head

Another beautiful track by the Man in Black. - Alpha101

6 Redemption Song

Who knew that Cash could do service to a Bob Marley song? Well, he most certainly did. - Alpha101

7 No Expectations

While I prefer the Stones' version, this is a great cover. - Alpha101

8 Personal Jesus

I love this by him. My brother loves it by Marilyn Manson. My sister loves it by Depeche Mode. - Britgirl

Another raw cover by Cash. - Alpha101

9 I Won't Back Down

This is a classic, and is one of my favorites by Cash. - Alpha101

10 Redemption Day

Last, but not least. - Alpha101

The Contenders

11 Rusty Cage
12 Tennessee Flat-Top Box
13 Bridge Over Troubled Water
14 You Win Again
15 A Boy Named Sue
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