Top 10 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo Characters

The Top Ten
1 Giorno Giovanna

Just saw this and.. Yeah number 1, I guess.. Yeah I forgot he is the main character so of course he is number 1.. what did you thought.. I am feeling weird.. right now Yeah number 1 I guess

Hating giorno is a CRIME!

2 Bruno Buccellati

Zipper boi

3 Diavolo

Legit devil if you translate it

He haa one of the xoolest stands and very epic

4 Guido Mista

Kinda gay but I think him and trish

I think he's hecking gay

5 Narancia Ghriga

Torture dance

My favorite orange boi

6 Leone Abbacchio
7 Pannacotta Fugo

Hating fugo is a federal crime and u deserve capital punishment if u do

Best Math teacher

8 Risotto Nero
9 Doppio Vinegar

My boi Doppio. My sweet Doppio

10 Jean Pierre Polnareff
The Contenders
11 Trish
12 Ghiaccio
13 Koichi Hirose

He appeared only twice in the anime. I wouldn't be surprised if someone adds Jotaro too

14 Pesci
15 Cioccolata
16 Secco
17 Prosciutto
18 Melone
19 Carne
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