Top 10 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo Characters

The Top Ten Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo Characters

1 Giorno Giovanna

Hating giorno is a CRIME!

Just saw this and.. Yeah number 1, I guess.. Yeah I forgot he is the main character so of course he is number 1.. what did you thought.. I am feeling weird.. right now Yeah number 1 I guess

2 Bruno Buccellati

Zipper boi

3 Diavolo

Legit devil if you translate it

He haa one of the xoolest stands and very epic

4 Guido Mista

Kinda gay but I think him and trish

I think he's hecking gay

5 Leone Abbacchio
6 Pannacotta Fugo

Hating fugo is a federal crime and u deserve capital punishment if u do

7 Risotto Nero
8 Narancia Ghriga

Torture dance

9 Doppio Vinegar
10 Ghiaccio

The Contenders

11 Jean Pierre Polnareff
12 Trish
13 Holy Waifu SpeedWagon

Hell yeah

14 Cioccolata
15 Secco
16 Melone
17 Koichi Hirose
18 Carne
19 Hol Horse
20 Doppio
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