Best JoJo's Bizzare Adventure Characters

It's been a while since I made an anime list plus I love this series with a passion! Jo jos bizzare adventure is about the joestar family in seperate generations each with something that makes them special in there own way and here is a list of the best of the characters from this 8 part series.

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1 Joseph Joestar Joseph Joestar Joseph Joestar is a fictional character from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga series created by Hirohiko Araki.

The main character of part 2 and a important character in part 3 Joseph joestar is a very smart kind and powerful person. He defeated the ultimate life form by sending him to space (note part 2 takes place in world War 2) he mastered hamon a martial art that lets you harness sunlight like power (which later is forgotten after part 2 for stands... but it's still cool! ) He also is powerful with his stand from part 3 hermit purple which allows him to predict the future look for certain things by slamming it against a camera and even swinging around. He also is well know for guess what people will say exactly right before they say it. - samanime

One of the few JoJo's to actually win fights due to strategy instead of some insanely overpowered stand.

The reason he is the best jojo is because he is the opposite of Johnathan who always keeps his calm and is a noble and serious guy. Joseph is a Joke Cracking, future predicting intelligent badass

Oh my god!

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2 Jotaro Kujo Jotaro Kujo Jotaro Kujo is a fictional character from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga series created by Hirohiko Araki and is the delinquent protagonist of Stardust Crusaders .

While Joseph is more charismatic on every level I have a tendency to like characters that are on the more silent side and jotaro, on top of that, has an almost unshakable calmness to him. His presence is much more dominant than that of the other JoJo's even reminding me of Madara Uchiha or Aizen but this time actually being the hero. His character design is amazing.

Jotaro is the most well known AND the best Jojo. He is smart, laid back, serious, and unbelievably cool. - Jackamalio

Jotaro isn't the best because he's badass. He's the best because he's actually a really nice guy underneath his badass exterior.

Araki went AWF

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3 Josuke Higashikata Josuke Higashikata Josuke Higashikata is a fictional character from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga series created by Hirohiko Araki.

Jouske is the protagonist of part 4 and is the creators favorite character. He is a kind and relatable guy and actually makes friends with nose enemies He fights but he also can get quickly angry if someone makes fun of his pompedour hair He even sent some one to the hospital because they were foolish enough to make fun of his hair. His stand crazy diamond is also powerful being able to bring items and people to previous states it only not working on himself or dead people. - samanime

This is nice guy. You understand him and he is just such as pleasant character

This character is very relatable. He may be kimd-hearted, strong and heroic bit this doesn't change the fact that he's a normal guy who wants to spend time with his friends and do normal things. He's a blend of kind, friendly, goofy, smart and irritable.


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4 Yoshikage Kira

The villain of part 4 Kira only wants two things in life. To live a peaceful life...and kill women. He is caculating and deadly his stand killer queen being able to blow up people he also was even able to steal someone's identity in a similar way to that one movie face off. He's not someone to be alone with - samanime

Says he wants to live a full life, most certainly has a murder boner

If David Bowie (Thin White Duke) was a serial killer with a hand it is

He is a HANDY character in the story's plot. Really well written villain(?), who definitely leads the story.
HANDS down the best.

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5 Dio Brando Dio Brando Dio Brando is a fictional character from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga series created by Hirohiko Araki. His name was inspired by musician Ronnie James Dio and movie star Marlon Brando.

Both the original villain of part one and he soon returns 100 or so years later in part 3 dio is a vampire who wants everything especially the world. Speaking of the world his stand can freeze time and actually able keep up with star platinum in a fist fight. He also has vampire powers like shooting Lazers out of his eyes and freezing his own limbs as well as others. He's cold hearted manipulatve deadly and more - samanime

Why the darn jojo's are always so high? DIO is always number 1.

In such a poorly written seires, Dio brings a somewhat fresh perspective. He appears as a slightly more complex character, though irredeemably evil and tropey. The distinction is that he has a sort of reason, and a tiny bit of development even. He's miles ahead of the other characters.


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6 Jean Pierre Polnareff

A important supporting character in part three polnareff is one of the most developed characters of this arc. After his only living relative (his little sister) was murdered know. He vowed revenge by using his stand silver chariot a knight like robot that Is fast enough to form afterimages and is also quite capable with its rapier sword. Polnareff is a smart fighter and quite clever BUT he is extremely hot headed because of this two othere friends of his died in the final battle trying to save him. But in the end polnareff is always willing to help his friends and of course avenge them!... (he also becomes disabled in part 5 but oh well) - samanime

I have to appreciate how his character is more complex than just being a brooding rebel (cough cough).

Easily the best character in part 3 also the most tragic


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7 Gyro Zeppeli

After reading more of part 7 I regret not putting gyro as number 2 - samanime

Best jojo character, period.

Gyro is seriously my favorite fictional character ever. Everything about him is perfect, from his overall look, to his stand, to his relationship with Johnny, to his tsundereness towards Hot Pants. I love Gyro.

If you haven't read the manga u are definitely missing the best character on the series so far

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8 Muhammad Avdol

Beautiful cinnamon roll, too good for this world. - failure

9 Jolyne Cujoh

It's a tie between Jolyne and Joseph for me--but since they're so similar in a lot of ways, I'm going to go with jolyne. She takes the badass factor
of Joseph to the extreme (and Stone Free is a cooler stand than Hermit Purple).

She's Jotaro and Joseph combined. Badass, funny, clever. Plus she's cute.

Come on. It's Jolyne. She's a combination of the best things about all the Jojos- she's got the heart of Jonathan, the bad assery of Jotaro, the temper of Josuke, and the perverted yet intelligent personality of Joseph. She's also got an awesome stand, which she uses in really clever ways. She's also got the best one liners.

Best girl - MilkTae

10 Jonathan Joestar Jonathan Joestar

A sweet, gentle young man with a strength of 10 men that acts like a true gentleman especially the 1st Joestar to start the series. He is considered boring by other people. But in my opinion, he was the one that made me so much adored into JJBA in the first place. Sorry but he should be one of the tops.

The very first joestar Jonathan was a gentlemen and a skilled user of hamon. He also made friends of enemies like josuke for example the Leader of a street gang named speedwagon. Sadly He was killed by dio and had his body stolen - samanime

Most underrated JoJo, he deserved the best

Jonathan is such an honourable and nice young gentleman. Even after seemingly defeating Dio, he cried after killing him, which a normal man would be happy that such an evil person died. His death scene is so sad that me, a person who earely cries, actually cries. He was such a pure hearated person.

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The Contenders

11 Noriaki Kakyoin

A perfect character. He is bold, intelligent but also light hearted. He hangs out with Jotaro, he isn't stubborn or closed off about his feelings, and he decided to abandon fear near the end of the series. This passions and drives allowed him to be fearless in front of Dio. DIO. He was also smart as hell. So he's fun, bold, and intelligent. Basically a JoJo that wasn't.

Beautiful character

My boy's a donut now

Kakyoin is a very important character cause he is a smart,kind,loving dude

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12 Cesar Zeppeli

He's my second favorite. - MontyPython

Josephs best friend and fellow hamon user Cesar is the one who introduces Joseph to his future hamon teacher (and long lost mother) and together they train under lisa lisa. Though they originally didint got along they soon became close friends unfortunately when Cesar tried to his avenge his father by fighting one of the pillar man named wamuu He was killed by being crushed alive...ALSO HE HAS BUBBLE POWERS! - samanime

Cceeesaaarr! -Joseph Jostar

13 Johnny Joestar

The protagonist of part 7 and the steel ball run universe counterpart of Jonathan joestar Johnny is a disabled horse rider with an ambition to stand up once again with the help of gyro zepeli even if he has to fight THE PRESIDENT OF AMERICA! He also has the strange power of shooting his own finger nails... I don't even know just roll with it. - samanime

Infinite rotation

This man made America great again for realsies. If only Trump was Valentine. - JamesTitties

My dick would win

14 Weather Report

best guy


15 Robert E.O. Speedwagon

Speedwagon is the closest thing this series has to a God.

You can always trust speedwagon

There are none more powerful than speedwagon

best waifu

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16 Girino Ginova

The 5th joestar protagonist girino was born the son of dio after he had stole Jonathan joestars (the first protagonist) body in part 3 therefore makeing him a joestar. He is both kind and deadly due to being the son of dio and having Jonathans DNA (this is complicated and hard to explain without sounding weird) he is also determined to do one thing and that...Is to be a gangstar a combination of a gangster and a superstar! His stand golden experience can also create life like trees and animals! And golden experience requiem can prevent someone's fate including death which will make them die forever (brutal I know) - samanime

My favorite character. His stand is so good too.

Dude,he is the perfect leader?!


17 Lisa Lisa Lisa Lisa

She hot,badass and also she's a greatest female character in JoJo,with Jolyne of course...

18 Bruno Buccellati


He's gay for abbacchio

19 Rohan Kishibe

He gained my respect when he beat the back stand, that was smart

The reason why I started watching the show to be honest

One the many reasons why part 4 is my favourite part
His stand is cool, and he's really likeable

At first few pages of him first appearing, I thought he is the kind of guy tricks other people to his own advantages. And that was completely what he was doing to Koichi, or even worse. He tricked him, used him and eventually slowly took parts of him literally. And Koichi being my favorite character in DIU so far, I hated him for his selfishness (I think it is appropriate to add that I thought he serves well as a minor antagonist considering I hated him).
That was until his speech about his manga work. As a fan of Bakuman and whole manga-creating community, I was moved by his dedication to bring quality work to his readers. I was moved by his opinion on what manga is. I don't doubt that Araki himself brought his own mangaka's determination by Rohan's creative character.
About his stand, well no words needed. Heaven's Gate, one of the most OP stand in JoJo Universe. But also, the most useful one in the real world. - Lick_JJ

20 Hayato Kawajiri
21 Koichi Hirose

Fantastic character with one of the best Stands in the entire series.

He's the best boy. Need I say more?

Cool stand and cool hair

Best pose in the series

22 Wamuu

Honorable warrior, still being the antagonist, unlike kars he respects his enemies

23 Iggy

He's the only dog that survived 5 minutes in the whole jojo series

The only one in part 3 who has a carakterdevelopment


24 Guido Mista

I swear to god I will flip a table if Mista gets 4th place

25 Giorno Giovanna Giorno Giovanna

My legs do not work anymore

26 Enrico Pucci
27 Funny Valentine

Best villain in JoJo. Ambitious, badass, intelligent, and sexy.

Truly the best villain, only rivaled by kira.

"My heart and actions are uttlerly unclouded! They are those of JUSTICE."

28 Diego Brando

Hurray for the Dino man.

29 Diavolo

Diavolo is the most underrated main villain, period. Just saw a "Favorite JoJo Villain" poll and his name was listed as "Diavohaha yeah right" compared to everyone else; That's basically a summation of how much disrespect he gets. The new translations of Part 5 make his character so much more terrifying and bold. Diavolo deserves so much more than what he gets in the fandom.

My favorite villain.

30 Rudol von Stroheim

For once the Nazi's are on the right side of history. Against the evil ancient aztec man from a pillar who made masks who game his people powers and made everything else a vampire who would use this mask with a magic stone to become God who also overcome is weakness to the people who could use magic breathing to make sunlight energy


To all the people that didn't vote Stroheim.


31 Kars

Them column bois!

32 Pannacotta Fugo

Was a very deep character who was always there for the characters in part 5

33 Yoshikage Kira (JoJolion)
34 Hol Horse


35 Boingo

Important character

36 Danny Joestar

Best JoJo

37 Mikitaka Hazekura

He looks like Legolas to be honest. - ilar9118

38 Mista Guido

He deserves to be at least in top 7 (not in 4th place, that brings bad luck)

39 Tower Of Gray

Best jojo ever

40 William Zeppeli


41 Steely Dan
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