Top Ten Joke Reasons Why Tom DeLonge is Better Than Dahvie Vanity

This list is meant to be bad, remember, this list is a joke, not meant to be taken seriously. I know I will get criticized a lot for this list, but its a joke, not a serious thing, it is supposed to be funny. This list is pointing out things wrong with comparison lists, before commenting, PLEASE read this. I haven't made lists like this in a long time, but I made this because of what I said earlier. You can point out whatever is wrong with the list, or joke about it, it is meant to be a bad list. It is biased and all, and it is supposed to be biased. A lot of people make biased lists and reasons on who they prefer for reasons that can be the same thing as the opponent of the list, and I am making a list like that to prove how lists biased people can really be. I personally do prefer Tom DeLonge over Dahvie Vanity, but it doesn't mean my arguments are facts, I am using this as an example. This is both a joke and a list to point out whats wrong with the site. I know Dahvie Vanity is an old horse here, which is why I am trying to point out how it is getting out of hand.

The Top Ten

1 Dahvie Vanity sucks at playing guitar while Tom DeLonge makes the most awesomest, coolest riffs

Even I'm better ag playing guitar and I'm younger than Vanity LOL!

Dahvie Vanity can only make beginner riffs that a person who just started guitar can easily make, which are trash. Tom can play super fast, and that takes some skill, it is so hard for me to play M+Ms.

2 Tom DeLonge is nice to his fans while Dahvie Vanity is a rude, jerk-faced coward to his fans

Tom even respects his haters, who are asses to him. He likes to take time to talk, take photos, and sign things for fans, he visits sick fans, and made a free album for his fans and always tries to please them no matter how much work it will take, not everyone has that kind of patience to do whatever fans want. Dahvie sexualizes his fans and judges them by their appearance too, he also is mean when fans want a photo or want things signed.

Dahvie's a wimp. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

3 Dahvie Vanity sounds like a 13 year old boy trying to be cool and girly but fails at it while Tom DeLonge has a unique voice

Tom can actually sing when he tries, I saw plenty of good vocal performances by him, I saw a video of him singing without auto tune, and he can sing some good notes. Dahvie however has no vocal talent and always sounds tone deaf, even with auto tune, he makes IceJJFish look like Mariah Carey.

4 Tom DeLonge is more successful while Dahvie Vanity is a pure flop with rotten tomatoes

All The Small Things is one of the most memorable songs of all time, and Enema Of The State is one of the highest selling albums in rock, as well as TOYPAJ and Self Titled, the music from those albums are pretty damn good. Dahvie Vanity has no iconic songs, his albums barely sell, and one of his shows was cancelled due to poor ticket sales(shows how bad he is, and the music is bad).

5 Dahvie Vanity has meaningless, pile of poop as music with the worst songs ever while Tom DeLonge has created masterpieces

Star Power is the worst piece of music I have heard in my life and all existence, so is the rest of Dahvie's garbage songs. Tom makes some of the best music ever, with many different meanings and makes them sound good.

6 Tom DeLonge can write GOOD lyrics while Dahvie writes trash about banging girls and money, clubs, and other dumb stuff

Dahvie writes about insulting people, killing, and sex with underage girls, tons of meaningless garbage. Tom writes about world peace, depression, love, silly times, and problems within society.

Dahvie writes lyrics which is like Kodak Black's song lyrics. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

7 Tom DeLonge can deal with hate like Bruce Lee while Dahvie Vanity acts like Caillou when it comes to hate

Tom gets worse hate than Dahvie, yet when he gets it, Tom actually is still nice to his haters, he either roasts them or uses calm, good reasoning(which is what most of the time he does). Dahvie on the other hand tells his haters to commit suicide and immature responses.

Tom deals with lots of hate just like I do! Even Steven Universe deals with hate! - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

Don't know how Tom deals with hate but yeah Dahvie is a wimp.He should at least roast his haters or defend his music but he can't handle hate.-LitSavage

Tom replies nicely usually when dealing with haters, or sometimes roasts them. Or he uses reasoning to defend.

8 Tom DeLonge does not rape underage girls like that nasty sicko does

Tom would never rape under age girls, he thinks that is nasty and despises pedophiles, in a case before, he got super aggressive when he found out that a friend of his daughter was almost kidnapped by human trafficking pedophiles. They had a very ugly truck and Tom helped catch them. He cussed so much at them and got super aggressive(I would be as well), definitely someone who hates pedophile stuff. Dahvie Vanity wants to touch the breasts of underage girls and lures them into his van to rape them, and he abuses them too. If Tom were to catch Dahvie doing that crap to his daughter or any other girl, he would have gotten very aggressive and mad at that, and even fight.

9 Dahvie has no talent while Tom is multi-talented in things other than music

Apart from music, and not even in music he is good, he has no other talent. He is not talented in anything, the only thing he is talented at is coloring himself to look like a clown and being a pedophile. Tom is not only talented at music, but he can write literature, has entrepreneur skills, and is a good drawer too(I don’t know why he barely draws in his works, he is a wonderful artist that can draw good proportions, even his son said so).

10 Tom DeLonge makes the funniest and coolest shows while Dahvie Vanity has boring, extremely awful shows involving sexual things with underage girls

Tom has some sexual shows(most aren’t)but he makes them funny and for 18+ audiences, not for underage children. But most of them are not sexual, just the strong language, because of the funny jokes. And he does entertaining things on stage, like telling stories about his life, or randomly dance out of nowhere, he has good stage presence which makes him have personality. Dahvie Vanity’s shows are boring since he has no sense of humor and just does gross things with underage girls like touching their boobs or him showing his penis to them.

The Contenders

11 Dahvie Vanity rhymes with toilet plunger and Tom DeLonge rhymes with Minecraft

What? - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

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