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1 What does Sans do when you cut him open? "He keeps bleeding, he keeps, keeps bleeding LOVE"
2 What type of emotional experience does Alphys go through in her bathroom on a daily basis? "The type that utterly drains the lizard."
3 How difficult was Asgore's boss fight? "Mehhhhnh"
4 What was Alphys basically portrayed as in Alphys Höek? "Shy Ren"
5 What is Toriel's main purpose in the game? "To provide an overly lengthy tu-Toriel for first-time players"
6 What is the true moral message of the Genocide Run? "Never Chara-bout anyone but yourself"
7 Where is Toriel's butthole located? "Under the tail"
8 What is Lemon Bread's porn name? "Lemon Breasts"
9 What would you call Alphys if she wrote song parodies for a living? "Weird Alphys"
10 What was Mettaton's greatest contribution to Undertale? "He gave the game its legs"

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11 What was the average player's first-time reaction to witnessing Omega Flowey? "Oh-me-god, what the f*** is that?!"
12 What does Asgore like to call his penis? "Big Fuzzy Pushover"
13 How easy is the first level? "Easy as pie, my dear"
14 How does Mettaton like to describe his experience with hot girls? "He's met-a-ton"
15 What do you call a real-life human Mettaton? "David Bowie"
16 What do you call a good version of FNAF? "Undertale"
17 Is Mettaton gay? "Or is he just European?"
18 What will happen if Sans becomes a rapper and challenges you to a rap battle with him? "You're gonna have a bad rhyme"
19 What does Sans need to do with his restaurant debt? "Ketchup with it"
20 What is the only way to truly succeed in Undertale? "Go with the Flowey"
21 Why does everyone love this game's plot twists so much? "They're Asriel as it gets!"
22 What happens to Asriel whenever he looks up pictures of his mom on Google Images? "He gets a hyper-boner"
23 What does Sans think of Game Theory after their Sans Is Ness theory? "He is deeply offended by their stupid-Ness"
24 What do you call having an unbearable fetish for Alphys? "Alphylia"
25 What do you call a green, male, ugly version of Alphys? "Francis"
26 What does Frisk like to do with Asriel when no one else is around? "He likes to get real Frisky"
27 How does Temmie climb a tree? "She shemmies up the trunk"
28 What type of face does Snowdrake's Mother have at the moment? "The type that not even a mother could love"
29 What did Papyrus' death do to your emotional heartstrings? "It most likely Skele-tore at them"
30 What do you call an evil, yellow version of Papyrus? "Skeletor"
31 What did this game do for the whole debate about sexual relationships between video game characters? "It broke down numerous barriers"
32 On a scale of 1 to 10, how gay is the Papyrus X Mettaton shipping? "2,000"
33 What is Toby Fox's favorite character to play as in Super Smash Bros? "Fox"
34 What's the best thing about Undyne? "Her dialogue is to Undyne for"
35 Who is the strongest monster in the Genocide Run? "You"
36 How would Sans describe his relationship with Toriel? "Sansational"
37 Why does everyone adore Sans so much? "Because there is a skeleton in all of us"
38 How does Frisk always greet Sans in the Genocide Run? "KNIFE to meet you!"
39 Where did Snowdrake start? "At the bottom, now he's here"
40 What is Memoryhead's favorite type of mattress? "Memory foam"
41 What is Lemon Bread's favorite type of candy? "Lemonheads"
42 What is Asgore's favorite type of chewing gum? "Trident"
43 How would Frisk describe most of his experience with Undyne in Waterfall? "Very fishy"
44 What does Alphys eventually do if you tickle her for long enough? "She starts begging for MERCY"
45 What happened to Lesser Dog's neck? "It's a very long story"
46 What does Alphys secretly feel toward Endogeny? "Feral attraction"
47 What does Alphys crave more than anything else in this entire world? "She wants some of that D"
48 What is Alphys' favorite part about sleeping with Undyne? "The part where Undyne impales her with her spear"
49 What would you call Papyrus if he were to suddenly become a chair? "Skeletor Chair"
50 What would you call Chara if he were to suddenly become a chair? "Chaira"
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1. What does Sans do when you cut him open? "He keeps bleeding, he keeps, keeps bleeding LOVE"
2. What type of emotional experience does Alphys go through in her bathroom on a daily basis? "The type that utterly drains the lizard."
3. How difficult was Asgore's boss fight? "Mehhhhnh"


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