Best Jon Bon Jovi Solo Songs

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1 Blaze of Glory Blaze of Glory Cover Art

Yeah, this is #1 with good reasoning. It's actually #13 on the list of best Bon Jovi songs. Cool music video.

Not sure if is my fave Jovi song but stills a good song after years.

Hard to not like this.

2 Santa Fe Santa Fe Cover Art

Santa Fe is a good song, to say the least. It's my third favorite of the album, but I figured I should put it at #2, 'cause it'll probably get there anyway.

I think Never Say Die is ranked higher, on the Best Bon Jovi songs list, but this is a cool song, also.

3 Every Word Was a Piece of My Heart Every Word Was a Piece of My Heart Cover Art

As of now, this is a favorite of his solo songs, only surpassed by Blaze of Glory.

4 Justice In the Barrel Justice In the Barrel Cover Art
5 Dyin' Ain't Much of a Livin' Dyin' Ain't Much of a Livin' Cover Art
6 Learning How to Fall Learning How to Fall Cover Art

I have never heard a song that sounds so happy about basically getting beat up. (One sucker punch and I was down/I'm learning how to fall!)

7 August 7, 4:15 August 7, 4:15 Cover Art
8 Cold Hard Heart

How Naked made Destination Anywhere but Cold Hard Heart didn't is beyond me.

9 Never Say Die Never Say Die Cover Art

I used to not care for Never Say Die, but more recently, I've noticed it resembles "Blood on Blood"

10 Destination: Anywhere Destination: Anywhere Cover Art

Good title track. The album is underrated.

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11 Beautiful Day Beautiful Day Cover Art

Cheery and refreshing, in a way.

12 Mister Big Time Mister Big Time Cover Art

When I had first made this account, I actually didn't know about Mister Big Time, despite the username.

Like I said on the list of best Bon Jovi Songs: Mister Big Time is arguably his last great solo song

13 Staring at Your Window with a Suitcase in My Hand Staring at Your Window with a Suitcase in My Hand Cover Art

A bit on the invasive side, given the title (dear admin, I am making a joke. Please don't delete my account for that. Thanks.) Never hurts to have insurance like that. Out of all seriousness, I like this song a lot. Won't give a lecture over it, though.

14 Queen of New Orleans Queen of New Orleans Cover Art

Good, but I still think Queen of New Orleans is dirty, to a degree.

15 Bang a Drum Bang a Drum Cover Art
16 Drive
17 Billy Get Your Guns Billy Get Your Guns Cover Art
18 Miracle Miracle Cover Art

I guess it's good for a ballad.

19 Janie, Don't Take Your Love to Town Janie, Don't Take Your Love to Town Cover Art

Great music video

20 Naked Naked Cover Art

Some sound advice: Look up the album when googling this song. If you don't, you get something that you don't want to see. It's got a good beat, though.

21 Midnight in Chelsea Midnight in Chelsea Cover Art

A fun, happy little song. Probably the second-best co-written song. Most of his solo songs are written by him only, but there are a few exceptions. According to some guy on Amazon, Beautiful Day wasn't written by him at all (how'd he know? It's impossible to dig stuff up about that song.), this and Queen of New Orleans were co-written with Dave Stewart (Who's he?), Naked was co-written with Mark Hudson and Greg Wells, Sad Song Night was co-written with Desmond Child and Eric Bazilian and Aldo Nova co-wrote Mister Big Time, which steals the thunder.

22 Not Running Anymore Not Running Anymore Cover Art

Not as great as when I first made my top tens account a few months ago, but it's still better than Old Habits Die Hard.

23 Little City Little City Cover Art

I understand the end of Little City gets a little weird because of the voices, but I'm pretty sure I've said that the voices make it a great harbinger for August 7, 4:15. If not, I have now.

24 Hollywood Dreams

My favorite song from the power station years.

25 Stringin' a Line
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