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21 Perhaps Love
22 Caruso

He's got the most amazing voices I've ever heard. I can't even believe what I hear, this song is just fabulous!

Everything he sings is awesome this is the best the range the emotion the strength of his voice only pactieing for an hour semi final amazes me just beautful TEARS every time I watch. He is wonderful now cannot imagine when voice is full matureity AMAZING JCOH

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23 La Prima Volta (The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face)

I love this song and have heard it by Roberta Flack and Gordon Lightfoot. But this version by Jonathan and Charlotte is the most moving and his voice is magical. Like liquid silk, rich like chocolate, it evokes emotion and tears. I'd give anything to see him live, but I am in the US and he hasn't toured here yet. Listen and weep.

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24 Panis Angelicus

This song shows Jonathan's voice at its best. It is a very soothing song that I often listen to when stressed. Jonathan sings it very soulfully, and it is a very spiritual song. Just beautiful.

Jonathans diction singing this is wonderful. He puts his heart and soul into his singing and it shows through in the depth of feeling in the songs. At just 19 he is an incredible talent

25 I Vow to Thee My Country
26 O Holy Night

I so love this, I do hope for a Christmas Album by Jonathan Antoine <3 I feel the real Christmas Spirit when I hear Jonathan sing them.

27 Arrivederci, Roma
28 You've Got the Love

When Jonathan bursts out with his addition it's absolutely sensational! Wow... knocked me over!

29 Endless Love
30 Ognuno Soffre (Everybody Hurts)
31 Chi Mai Vivrà Per Sempre

One of my favourites cause he makes a beautiful tribute to Freddy Mercury and Queen

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