Top Ten Judas Priest Album Covers

The Top Ten
1 Screaming For Vengeance
2 Nostradamus
3 Jugalator

That demon of whatever it is looks badass

4 Painkiller
5 Angel of Retribution
6 Defenders of the Faith
7 Redeemer of Souls
8 Firepower
9 Point of Entry Point of Entry Product Image
10 British Steel
The Contenders
11 Killing Machine
12 Unleashed in the East Unleashed in the East Product Image
13 98 Live Meltdown 98 Live Meltdown Product Image
14 Priest... Live! Priest... Live! Product Image
15 Stained Class
16 Demolition Demolition Product Image
17 Rocka Rolla Rocka Rolla Product Image
18 Live in London Live in London Product Image
19 Sad Wings of Destiny
20 Sin After Sin
21 Turbo
22 Ram It Down
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