"Painkiller" Album Review

Alpha101 Judas Priest, a band loved by most, and one of the most influential metal acts in history. Rob Halford is considered by many to be the greatest metal vocalist of all time, and that idea isn't at all unfounded. he has a great vocal range, and puts all of his being into most of the band's songs. This was my first album by the band, and is still my favorite.

"Painkiller" has one of the best openings in the history of metal. I mean, listen to that and tell me that you're not excited for the rest of the album! The guitar and drum work is great, and this is one of Halford's most impressive songs.

"Hell Patrol" is one of the most atmospheric metal songs that I've ever heard, and that is why it's one of my favorites. The chorus is great, the lyrics were very well-written, and the song still impresses me to this very day.

"All Guns Blazing" starts off with a bang, with Halford's impressive vocals, and a fast and energetic riff. In fact, this whole song is filled with energy. It never fails to get me onto my feat and start to pace around my room, and bang my head.

"Leather Rebel" opens up perfectly, has a fantastic chorus, and is one of the band's best.

"Metal Meltdown" has a perfect opening to it, and the opening solo, while not incredibly complex, did impress me. This song is head-banging material, trust me. This is another perfect song by the band, and one of the highlights of the album.

"Night Crawler" has creepy lyrics, an unnerving opening, but, after that, the song instantly got me moving. Again, this is an amazing song, and it really surprised me about how much I loved this song, and still continue to listen to it today.

"Between the Hammer and the Anvil" opened with Halford's recognizable scream, it had a great chorus, but left a little to be desired, though I cannot put my finger on it. Nevertheless, it is a strong track.

"A Touch of Evil" was the first song by the band that I fell in love with. It has some of the best-written lyrics in metal, it's creepy and atmospheric, and the chorus never fails to blow me away. This is easily the best song on the entire album, and one of Judas Priest's best.

"Battle Hymn" was a nice instrumental, and transitioned nicely to the next song.

"One Shot at Glory" was the weakest on the album. It's a pretty good song, but it's overshadowed by the rest of the songs on the album, and did not close the album in a way that made me instantly want to listen to it again, though I do that anyway, considering the rest of the songs on the album are great.

This is one of the most consistent metal albums out there. Every single song is good in it's own way, and some I even deem legendary. It's not a perfect album, but it is close to it. If anyone wanted to get into metal music, this is one of the main albums that I would recommend.

9.6/10 - Great Album


Good review.
The only two things I disagree with are that One Shot At Glory is the weakest and A Touch Of Evil is the strongest. I think the strongest is Painkiller and the weakest is Battle Hymn. -CostcoHotDogs (I’m going to start doing that in case I’m logged out by accident when I comment) - visitor