Top 10 Best Juice WRLD Songs

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1 Lucid Dreams Lucid Dreams Cover Art

In my opinion, this is a great heartbreak song before Robbery!

Yeah only good Juice WRLD song

Lol I sent this to my ex. Perfect

I love this song! So catchy!

2 Lean Wit Me Lean Wit Me Cover Art

Juice killin' it here, this can give you chills!

Most passionate song he has ever created

Relatable on so many terms.

3 Roses Roses Cover Art

This song couldn't be better. The end really slaps. - KRX

4 Legends Legends Cover Art

Way underrated


I love it.

Rip juice 1998 - 2019 :(

5 All Girls are the Same All Girls are the Same Cover Art

This song really makes you feel some type of way..

6 Bandit Bandit Cover Art
7 Wasted Wasted Cover Art

My two favorite rappers in one of the best song ever made. I'm in love. (from a french fan)


Wasted gta love bitch is wasted 999

8 Armed and Dangerous Armed and Dangerous Cover Art

This song is straight fire I hear this song at every party I've ever went to this is fire.

I'm in town party's goin down

Definitely should be top 1

When I'm in town Partys going down

9 Robbery Robbery Cover Art

The best part of this song is the part just after the second chorus, I love it <3 :
"You gave me the runaround
I really hate the runaround
You really got me paranoid
I always keep a gun around
You always give me butterflies
When you come around
When you come around
When you come around"
(from a french fan)

She told me put my heart in a bag and nobody gets hurt

Great heartbreak song.

Put my heart in the bag

10 Rich and Blind Rich and Blind Cover Art

His best song by far... everybody who voted for lucid dreams are fake fans smh

Far and away his best song. Lucid dreams isn’t even in the top 3 to be honest.

Lucid Dreams isn’t his best one, it’s just his most popular one.

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11 Black & White Black & White Cover Art

One of the best beat I've ever heard. This song is fire ! (from a french fan)

In my black benz doing cocaine with my black friends

Amazing beat! Such a decent song to end racism

12 Used To Used To Cover Art


Straight up heat, but its underrated.. HIGHLY recommended!

13 Empty Empty Cover Art

Empty I feel so goddam empy

don't know it just makes me game better

14 Fast Fast Cover Art

Sad banger! Also very catchy as hell

15 Godzilla Godzilla Cover Art

This is not from juice wrld what the hell?


16 Righteous Righteous Cover Art

Rest easy Juice. I miss you so much.

This Should Be Number 1
It's sad but AMAZING!

17 Candles Candles Cover Art

Very deep and vibey at the same time

18 I'm Still I'm Still Cover Art

Love it

19 Hear Me Calling Hear Me Calling Cover Art

I love the afrobeat beat in this, song slaps fr!

20 Moonlight
21 I'll Be Fine I'll Be Fine Cover Art
22 Flaws and Sins Flaws and Sins Cover Art
23 Hurt Me Hurt Me Cover Art

Very underrated song, short loopable banger!


24 Hate Me Hate Me Cover Art
25 My Fault
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