Top Ten Jungler Champions In League of Legends


The Top Ten

1 Rengar

Jungle rengar just get to the top of wrecking face again, season 4 he made badass damage, but with the smite's slow, he's badass even pre 6

Rengar has a really weak early game and can't really gank well without bushes or ult. I mean Riot has been nerfing him a lot, so before he was a really strong jungler, although now I feel like he is weaker. - Fire099

Ult gives massive opportunities for ganks, tankiness, viability, great abilities and self-healing. Recommended for jungling.

His early ganks are quite strong, and his Q is simply broken. His 6+ ganks are highly effective, due to his ability to stealth and sneak attack in a moments notice. Once fed, nothing can stop Rengod Stablord. Kill anyone that is alone, no one messes with the kitty. - Number

2 Lee Sin

Lee is good he has very good skills he is very good at early game with his ganks and early big damage. But he falls down late that's so annoying

Watch insec lee sin enough said

He is so op to

3 Elise

The early ganks too stronk and the outrageous dueling capability makes it easy to get your lanes fed

Elise just has an extremely flexible build, able to go AP Runeglaive or Cinderhulk tank, and her cc combined with her harrass from the spiders makes her a tier 1 jungler after her most recent buffs.

4 Evelynn

She owns a team without pinks

5 Amumu

Because the last hit

6 Wukong

Moneky man dawg, can't go wrong

7 Warwick

Ww is very strong use his early game dominance to win easily

With the new rework, Warwick is a really good jungler. He has a good start in early game and the best way to counter him is with a lot of cc. He can build tank and he has a lot of lifesteal, so he has a lot of sustain. - Fire099

WW is awesome. Nice jungle clear time, nice speed boost, nice attack speed boost, he is tanky, he gains health, his ultimate is awesome for ganking. What if I already used the ulti, you have a speed boost, and you can build something to slow others. He peels the other team too.

8 Master Yi

He is good as he have a easy clearing time and if you wanna get fed, just don gank for like forever and just farm and farm and when you are full build you can pretty much burst anyone you see even if he is like the tanker. My usual build will be bloodthirster, infinty edge, static shiv, phampton dancer, blade of ruined king and ravnous hydra. This build is awesome to me as it is super duper bursty so ya.

Master Yi can farm in the jungler really good and with the ult can Master Yi a really good gang do.
It's no English is that.

9 Nocturne

Guys can someone tell me who heve best combo for nocturne please

10 Moakai

The Contenders

11 Kha'Zix

Kha'Zix can make someone go from 100-0 in a second.

12 Shaco

The best jungler
I think he deserve to be the 1st in my opinion

Shaco is best jungler in my option good sustain, best early ganks bad cc but new jungle item gives litle bit more it. kind easy. if you play right you can dodge everything with ulti. shaco is the beast.

13 Vi
14 Jarvan
15 Fizz
16 Aatrox

Can snowball game in early
Some players underestimate him because he is an old champ
You only use E-Q-SS then switch your W if you want healing or damage

17 Hecarim
18 Pantheon
19 Nunu

Q-gains health and murks monsters and minions
W-movement and att speed increased
E- slows enemy movement and att speed
R-super powered and works on monsters
Quick clear time my favourite by far for jungle
And pretty tanky, ganks hard

20 Xin Zhao

Xin zhaos e is great for ganks

21 Volibear
22 Sejuani
23 Tryndamere
24 Rammus
25 Nasus
26 Riven
27 Jax
28 Trundle
29 Akali
30 Fiddlesticks
31 Teemo
32 Ashe
33 Rek'Sai

Wait why am I here...

Should be in top 5 with Jarvan Vi Lee and Rengar but he's new so in the past he wasnt voted for that much

34 Zed
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