Top 10 Jurassic Park Characters

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1 Ian Malcolm

Yeah! I watched this movie when I was 10 and oh boy was it amazing! It's 2017 now and the CGI back then was way better than it is now! Malcolm has always been my favourite character in Jurassic park I don't know why I just love his character! I wish the sequels were as good as the first.

"Yeah, yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with weather they could, but they never stopped to think if weather they should. " He is inspirational in this!

"Jeez, I hate being right all the time."

This character, Alan, and Ellie are my favorites. This guy is just so funny. He is also pretty relatable in my opinion

2 Alan Grant

Alan grant is way better cooler and more badass then Ian Malcolm Ian nellie gets killed by doing the same thing Alan does with the firework stick thing Alan is much better.

They do move in herds

"This is a bird cage"

Alan is ten times cooler then ian.

3 Ellie Sattler

"You never had control, that's the illusion! "

Her and Grant rock! I wish they would of became a couple

She should be at no.2 because she's awesome

4 John Hammond

I just like the actor, speaking of which, he is the brother of David Attenborough, who did narration for the planet earth documentaries.

"I bring scientists, you bring a rock star."

He is awesome because he created the park

"Spared no expense."

5 Robert Muldoon

The only man who can scream at Samuel L. Jackson to be quiet. And he has a kick-ass hat.

Clever girl!


He's the most heroic guy after eddie, and he's cool.
"Clever girl"
"They remember"

6 Rexy

Rexy always comes at the right time. Saves the humans from the raptors and then again from the indominous rex

Rexy may be a villain of sorts but damn is she iconic

Rexy (if you didn't know) is the name of the T. rex in the movie. Note: if you didn't know that that means you are no where near as smart as me

I knew that. She is awesome

7 Owen Grady

Star lord playing with dinosaur is good enough to be on the top

He should be higher

Dude get him higher

Eh. He is pretty good in my opinion

8 Blue

Has more character development than any other character. Also Baby Blue is life. And has helped in the demise of two hybrid monstrosities.

She has saved the day twice, in Jurassic World and Jurassic World 2. She is a hero

Her love for Owen is what makes this movie awesome.

Blue is the best character fought The in dominoes without getting killed. SPOILER ALERT kills the indoraptor in fallen kingdom. Saves Owen as well. Blue is absolutely awesome!

9 Ray Arnold

"Hold onto your butts! '

Too bad he died

I loved him

It’s Samuel Jackson

10 Lex Murphy

What is so great about her? She was really annoying in my opinion and how the heck is she above Roland and Eddie

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11 Eddie Carr

Come on, how is Eddie not in the top 10? He was easily the most heroic character in the series.
His colleagues were in a trailer hanging over a cliff and he tries to throw them a safety rope whilst pulling up the trailer with his car.

Boi! He deserves number at least five or something! He risked his dang life to save Ian and the others in the van, and got killed doing so! His stupid reward for trying to save his friends was getting ripped in half by The rexes! R. I. P Eddie Carr, a hero!

I liked him, but his book version was better:

"VERY nice. Dino farts! " Cracks me up all the time.

What is his reward for being a hero? DEATH,of course.

12 Donald Gennaro

A blood sucking lawyer

13 Ronald Tembo

I loved him. It is so funny watching him insult people

"peter cancel that order, this is a game trail mr.ludlow, carnivores hunt on game trails,do you want to setup a base camp or a buffet? Peter, if you want me to run your little camping trip,
there are two conditions. First-I'm in charge, and when I'm anot around
Dietar is.Your job is to sign the checks, tell us we're doing a good job,
and open your case of scotch when we have a good day."

"Second condition. My fee-you can keep it. All I want in exchange for
my services is to hunt one of the tyrannosaurs. A male. Buck only.Why and
how are my business, so if you don't these conditions, you're on your own.
So set up base camp here,or in a swamp, or in the middle of a rex nest for
all I care, but I've been on to many safaris with rich dentists to listen to
any more suicidal ideas,ok? "

"predators don't hunt when
they're not hungry."

"I know you! Your that Earth First bastard"

"I believe I've spent enough time in
the company of ...more

14 Tim Murphy

He was better than his sister in my opinion, though he is still annoying

15 Dennis Nedry

"Ah ah ah, you didn't say the magic word! "

"I have nothing on me. I have no food on me."

He's hilarious

16 Nick Van Owen

He's the backup plan

I hate him

He should not be on this list. He’s one of the worst characters in “The Lost World” and I hate him so much that I wish he got eaten by the T-rex.

17 Claire Dearing

Shes improved as a character

How dare you? She is a perfect character!

She was an annoying character in JW in my opinion, but got much better in Fallen Kingdom

18 Billy Brennan

Billy was awesome

I can't stand this character along with every other character in Jp3.

He sucked

19 Echo

Echo. Charlie, and Delta are find but I like Blue better!

Heck yeah! Echo is the coolest raptor.

Charlie was blown up, delta was burned, Echo was thrown.

20 Charlie (Raptor Runt)
21 Delta

Yeah no reasons I see yet.

22 Udesky

He is so underrated and also very funny. I really wanted him to live

23 Dr. Wu

Gotta love Henry Wu. He made all of it possible

He is a master at creating hybrids

24 Dieter Stark

Such a jerk

25 Simon Masrani

He sucks flying a helicopter

He had a pretty friendly personality

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