Top 10 Most Justified Reasons for Certain Video Games Being Called Overrated


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1 Thinly disguised cutesy animal retexturing of an age-old medieval catapult flash game that quickly became the most popular thing since Spongebob, Mario, Sonic and the Simpsons combined - Angry Birds
2 Incredibly bland and by-the-numbers first-person shooter that gets hailed as the greatest thing ever created by mankind - Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare
3 Unfunny, completely retarded step-manchild of Family Guy and pre-Season-4 South Park that still gets universally praised as "funniest game ever" even though the poop-monster fight midway through is about as clever as it gets - Conker's Bad Fur Day
4 Slightly less manufactured and factory-processed first-person shooter that also gets constantly hailed as humanity's magnum opus, albeit chiefly by Microsoft fanboys - Halo 3
5 Nearly everything the game did was done considerably better and less formulaically by later 3D Zelda titles, all of which got completely shunned by comparison - Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
6 Shallow, broken and completely outdated joke of a rhythm game that the Lammy spinoff sequel is both equally as innovative as and easily threefold superior to in nearly every single way possible, also including the music - Parappa The Rapper
7 Possibly one of the least scary things to ever be advertised as "gut-wrenching horror" by the Internet, and definitely the only one to give people animatronic fetishes - Five Nights At Freddy's
8 Basically the exact same boringly ham-fisted storyline and mindlessly attack-command-mashing gameplay as Final Fantasy but with time travel added and basically all of the challenge removed - Chrono Trigger
9 Entire game is basically just the good version of Other M - Metroid Fusion
10 For every astonishingly emotional and/or memorable moment in the game, there are at least five or ten generic fantasy storytelling clich├ęs to go along with it, adding up to at least somewhere around literally 4,000 - Undertale

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11 Basically just a generic Left 4 Dead clone except being a battle royale-style game and with Minecraft-styled gameplay that somewhat became the most popular thing since Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed - Fortnite

It was supposed to say "Caused the more luck-based sub-genre of FPS/TPSs known as "battle royale" to become the most popular thing of 2018".

12 Got Universally Praised as the Best Game Between It, Horizon Zero Dawn, Skyrim and Witcher 3, Largely Because of Its Zelda Label - Breath of the Wild
13 Overshadowed Street Fighter Just Because It Was More Violent - Mortal Kombat
14 Had a Fanbase that Judged Its Enjoyment of the Games Based Almost Entirely Around How Hot Lara Croft Was in Them - Tomb Raider
15 A Blatant Team Fortress 2 Clone that is Somehow More Popular Than the Real Thing It's Based Off Of - Overwatch
16 Literally Just Super Mario 64 but Linearized and Put Into Space - Super Mario Galaxy
17 Is Often Considered to Have the All-Time Greatest Villain in Video Games, or More Accurately, the Most Shamelessly Blatant Joker Ripoff - Final Fantasy Vi
18 Is Pretty Much Just an Insanely Frustrating Uncharted Game Sloppily Thrown Together with the Walking Dead, with the Developers Also Forgetting to Enable Friendly Fire or Even Properly Write Their Characters - Last of Us
19 Again, "Phoenix Wright Without the Wit, Persona Without the Charm" - Danganronpa
20 Essentially the Point When Final Fantasy Completely Stopped Caring About Actually Being Good or Comprehensible in Favor of Pointless Weeb-Pandering Melodrama Out the Wazoo - Final Fantasy VII
21 Basically the Embodiment of "Quantity Over Quality" When It Comes to Overall Gameplay - Little Big Planet
22 Storyline is Practically Nonexistent, and Combat is Basically Unplayable Without Vats And/or Enhancement Mods - Fallout 3
23 Nearly Everything It Did Was Also Done Considerably Better by Future 3D Mario Games, Barring the Amazingly Oversized Hub-World - Super Mario 64
24 Easily the Worst Level Design of Any 2d Sonic Game by Far, with Practically Its Only Saving Grace Being the Soundtrack - Sonic CD
25 Horrifically Dated, Broken-Down Mess of a Game that People Only Remember Fondly Because of Its Resulting Franchise's Legacy - Metroid
26 Considered the Greatest Videogame Sequel Ever Made, Even Though It Mostly Just Took the First Game and Made It a More Generic Brown-And-Grey-Tinted Modern-Day Shooter - Half-Life 2
27 Considered the Other Greatest Videogame Sequel Ever Made, When It Was Basically Just the Actually-Finished Version of the First Game and Hardly Anything More - Borderlands 2
28 An Open-World Rockstar Game that Got Trounced by Saints Row in Almost Every Way Possible Because It Forgot What "Fun" Meant - Grand Theft Auto IV
29 Turned Halo Into an Even More Shamelessly Blatant Call of Duty Clone Than Ever Before and Somehow Got Away with It - Halo 4
30 Literally Just a Genderbent Gratuitous-Fanservice Version of Devil May Cry - Bayonetta
31 Is Still Considered the Best Mega Man Game Ever, Even When 9, 10 and X4 Also Exist - Mega Man 2
32 Is Also Considered the Best Game of the Golden-Age x Series, Despite Being by Far the Blandest and Easiest of the Bunch - Mega Man X
33 Traded Nearly All of the Actual Gameplay Substance of Its Predecessors for Pure Mindless Visual Spectacle and Violence - God of War 3
34 Still Gets Continuously Hailed to This Day as the Be-All-To-End-All God of Metroid Games, Even Without Taking All of Its Rom Hacks Into Account - Super Metroid
35 Still Gets Constantly Praised to This Day as the Be-All-To-End-All of Mario Games, Even Without Taking All of Its Countless Rom Hacks Into Account Either - Super Mario World
36 Is Commonly Hyped Up to Be a More Difficult Game Than Castlevania 1 and 3 Combined - Dark Souls
37 Is Also Very Commonly Hyped Up to Be a More Difficult Game Than Castlevania 1 and 3 Combined - Super Meat Boy
38 Basically Traded All of the Actual Challenge of Castlevania for World Exploration and Graphics - Symphony of the Night
39 Also Pretty Much Exchanged All of the Actual Challenge of Previous Metroid Games for World Exploration and Graphics - Super Metroid
40 A Generic Baby's-First RPG with a Combat System Too Shallow to Even Support One-On-One Multiplayer, Now Made Even More Popular Than Final Fantasy Itself - Pokemon
41 Sells for an average price of around 500 dollars on Amazon and was realistically meant to be paid about 20 dollars for at most - Earthbound
42 Hardcore Melee nostalgia fanboys saying that Brawl and 4, ironically far more balanced and substantial games, are terrible and don't deserve to exist compared to it - Super Smash Bros. Melee
43 The Genocide Run is just about officially THE most pretentious thing to ever exist in a game - Undertale
44 Literally just genderbent Tomb Raider - Uncharted
45 Started out as a mediocre knockoff of Banjo-Kazooie, then later devolved into a much worse knockoff of Ratchet & Clank - Jak & Daxter
46 Character cast chock-full of two-dimensional cardboard cutouts that the players feel considerably more emotion for than they do for actual people - Undertale
47 Is pretty much only considered funny because Reddit and Tumblr think it is - Undertale
48 A generic building-game concept that literally anyone could have come up with, turned into the all-time biggest thing to ever hit the indie movement - Minecraft
49 A slightly less generic party-game spinoff concept that almost anyone could have come up with, turned into quite possibly the biggest fighting-game franchise ever - Super Smash Bros
50 Basically a Mario game but with considerably worse gameplay and, by today's standards, worse-looking graphics, with its only advantage being the music - Donkey Kong Country (SNES)
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