Top 10 Justified Stereotypes About Video Games, Their Developers and Their Fandoms

The Top Ten Justified Stereotypes About Video Games, Their Developers and Their Fandoms

All Nintendo cares about at this point is Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Pokémon, Super Smash Bros, annoyingly extravagant console gimmicks, Amiibo, and did I mention leeching money from innocent children
THQ literally doesn't have even a single creative or original bone in its body whatsoever

Case in point: Darksiders - xandermartin98

The Nintendo haters are a bunch of whiny, self-entitled brats who are completely insecure about their own maturity levels and therefore view the company's expertly designed, wonderfully stylized, clearly all-ages games as "insults" to them

Case in point: SelfDestruct - xandermartin98

The only reason people like Sonic more than Mario is because Sonic is cooler and edgier
You can't spell "steal" without EA

That's true literally and metaphorically. - Jasmine21064

Pokémon and Call Of Duty literally never change

They actually do quite a bit. If anything, that's actually FIFA and any other EA Sports game series.

The Nintendo fanboys are a bunch of whiny, spoiled brats who treat basically everything not made by Nintendo as being automatically inferior to their games
Mario and Zelda games are often made seemingly immune to regular forms of criticism, simply due to the fact that they have the world-famous Mario and Zelda brand names attached to them

Case in point: Breath Of The Wild - xandermartin98

Team Fortress 2 needs to be renamed to either Hat Fortress 2 or Meme Fortress 2 at the rate that it's going
Fortnite is the New Minecraft

Case in point: Literally every item on this list that has the word 'Minecraft' on their labels.

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You can't be a truly dedicated fanboy of Tomb Raider without wanting to have sex with Lara Croft
Minecraft fanboys are the immature kid types, being a sore winner/loser and cannot take criticism to their game.

Example in point: Super Minecraft Kid - SoaPuffball

Literally nearly every single fan of Sonic, FNAF and Undertale is autistic
Today's kids have no idea of just how astonishingly monumental and important Nintendo and the sheer quality of its games have actually been to the gaming industry's well-being

Pretty much because they would pray to either Minecraft, pretty much every mobile game ever and the worst offenders, Fortnite and PUBG.

That was me as a visitor, when I forgot to log on to the website on my iPhone.

Nintendo haters never bother to really take the time to actually play the company's games and make fair judgments about them; it's always "LOL their games are so kiddy" or "LOL their consoles have such weak hardware"

Case in point: SelfDestruct

Valve can't count to three
All Sega Cares About is Sonic
You can't be a truly dedicated fanboy of Metroid without wanting to have sex with Samus
You can't be a truly dedicated fanboy of the Parappa series without secretly wanting to have sex with Lammy
Sega and Sonic Team will never truly learn from the Sonic Cycle
The people that play Minecraft completely ignore how bad the gameplay actually is
Microsoft only cares about graphics
Indie game developers often forget that their games are supposed to actually be games and not just pretentious "high art" displays
Nintendo's fanbase simply cannot accept proper criticism of the company's games
Konami ruins everything

Case in point: Castlevania Pachinko Erotic Violence - xandermartin98

Capcom never learns
God Of War fanboys have no idea just how good the Devil May Cry series actually is
First-person shooter fanboys could pretty much care less about anything that isn't related to "graphical resolution" or "frames per second"
The Call Of Duty series is the absolute cancer of today's first-person shooter business
Overwatch is just a wannabe Team Fortress 2, always has been and always will be
Most of Breath Of The Wild's haters are just butthurt that Horizon Zero Dawn and Witcher 3 aren't quite as overrated as Breath Of The Wild
Most of Undertale's haters are just butthurt about either the fanbase or their false assumption that the game "ripped off" Earthbound
FNAF and Sonic fans pretty much live for the sole purpose of creating recolors and OCs
You can't be a truly dedicated fanboy of Undertale without wanting to have sex with Toriel, Alphys and/or Undyne
You can't be a truly dedicated fangirl of Undertale without literally never shutting up about Sans, Papyrus, Gaster and/or Asriel
Kirby and Yoshi fans greatly overvalue the cuteness of the characters' games over their actual gameplay quality
Mortal Kombat and God Of War are basically just the bloody, dumbed-down versions of Street Fighter and Devil May Cry
Mega Man's fanbase simply doesn't understand that every game series needs to eventually end at some point
Pretty much every Capcom and Konami franchise has now been reduced into basically nothing more than a cheap, soulless ploy for the companies to make more money
Nintendo is the Disney of videogames
Specifically-Nintendo fanboys have never experienced the true joys of Playstation consoles, the PC and emulators
Nintendo fanboys are completely stuck in the past, just like the company itself very clearly is
God of War Fanboys Simply Aren't Good Enough at Video Games to Play the Likes of Devil May Cry 1 and 3
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